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Bocaray beach is located at Brgy. Garden, sitio cawilan, Arteche, E.S. It is 3 kilometers away from Arteche (proper) and approximately 5 km. away from brgy. Carapdapan which is one of the brgy. Of Arteche.
Cottages are available for rent of
₱150 from 8am-5pm (day rate),
₱150 from 6pm-7am ( night rate)
₱250 from 8am-7pm( overnight rate)
Also the Bocaray floating cottage with a ‘pool’ is now ready for rental with the rate of
₱1000/day and ₱1500/ overnight.
This beach had been part of the traditions and important life events of so many people who visit this place for whatever reason that may be, the said beach is one of the place that contributed to the good image of the Municipality of Arteche because of the different nice comments and compliments of the people who went there. Bocaray beach has been known for being one of the famous and beautiful tourist spot here in our municipality which is Arteche, it is know for having a long sand bars and a great view on the ocean, and what makes it very famous is that, it is easy to be reached by the people because it is located along the road only which makes people go there now, tomorrow and the next day.

Bocaray beach is surrounded with a wooden made cottages which makes it perfect for an indigenous ambiance. Creativity of the surrounding can also be seen and could naturally caught attention of the visitors.
In terms of managing this Site, the owners were prioritizing maintenance, sustainability and preservation of the beach. Security of the said place is also present in managing the site.
I highly recommend the owners to build more cottages, sufficient Comfort Room, Shower and a store in order for the place to be more convenient.
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