Pre-visit information sheet

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Deep Level Mine Visits.

Pre-visit information sheet

The following notes are to help you plan your visit.


A visit to the Deep Levels of Clearwell caves is an experience that can be enjoyed for a variety of reasons: an exciting adventure, a sense of achievement, a journey back in time, an educational experience, great exercise or even just for fun. Whatever the reason visitors agree there is a lot to be gained from the experience.

Clearwell Caves are part of a mined natural cave system covering an area of 245 hectares (600 acres). Visitors to the lower levels can descend to approximately 65m (210ft) and see interesting mining and natural features. Trips include simple crawling and climbing and you inevitably get dirty. Clearwell Caves are a relatively dry cave/mine system and groups will not get wet underground.

Clothing and Equipment

Please ensure your group arrives appropriately dressed. Clearwell Caves provide protective headgear, miners’ lamps and belts. We also provide overalls and wellies as required. To ensure the best fit and comfort, group members may bring their own walking boots or wellies and overalls if they have them.
Arrive wearing old clothes because even under overalls, clothes become dirty and may retain marks. Do not overdress, usually a tee shirt under a sweatshirt or old jumper, are warm enough. Tracksuit bottoms are preferred to jeans. Legs and arms must be covered.
Proper footwear is important. Boots with ankle support and heavily patterned soles are recommended, wellingtons with good grip are also suitable. Sandals and most trainers are not appropriate, the only suitable training shoes are those with deep patterned soles and ankle support, suitable for hill walking.
Safety equipment provided by the Caves must be worn as instructed by the guide.


Group members are expected to act responsibly and behave in a manner that will not endanger their own health and safety, or the safety of others. The group will be expected to follow safety and conservation instructions given by the guide. The underground environment must be respected.

We cannot allow a person underground if they are considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (unless required as medication – this must be discussed with the guide on arrival, before undertaking the trip).

Group sizes

The maximum group size is fifteen persons, not including the guide: if we are contacted in advance, guides can usually be arranged to split larger groups into smaller units. We can normally arrange to have a maximum of three groups underground at any one time (i.e. 45 persons). If only one guide is booked, it will not be possible to provide extra guides on the day and the maximum of 15 persons will be strictly applied (please do not arrive with groups larger than the one booked). With smaller groups, trips can be made more adventurous or explore wider areas.


All the Deep Level activities involve some crawling and simple climbing. Young children, elderly, unfit or disabled people can usually participate in an enjoyable Deep Level visit. We look at the ability of the group and set the level of the activity to match that of the least able member. A group should ideally consist of people of similar abilities. If arranging more than one trip, consider making one group more adventurous than the other and offer a choice to the group members.
If any group member has a physical or medical condition that may affect them crawling, climbing or exerting themselves, this must be identified to the Cave manager when booking and advise the guide before the visit gets underway. The manager and guide can then ensure a suitable route is selected or advise the person against attempting the trip.
We provide a wide variety of underground activities and have a policy of catering for all abilities whenever we can, so please contact us to discuss your requirements or concerns.


We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide adventure activities for young persons, in mines and caves: Licence No. L5239/R0009.
All groups must have at least one responsible adult present with them, who will normally be asked to take the rear position in the group.
In advance of the activity, the group organiser needs to obtain parental consent for those under 18 years of age, where an individual's parent or guardian will not be present. We are required by the Adventure Activities Licencing Authority to hold a list of names for all the group members and emergency contact numbers too. Please have this information ready when you arrive at the Caves. This information must be handed in at the entrance before the trip gets underway and may be placed in a sealed envelope that can be returned unopened once the trip has ended.
A Deep Level trip is a journey into real mine workings, as miners left them, sometimes many centuries ago. It is an adventure that requires a common sense approach from group members. Please make them aware of this information, it will help them to get the most from their visit.
We look forward to meeting you.

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