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Sugar Baby by Chinua Achebe

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  1. Pre-Reading Question: Have you ever had to go without something you enjoyed for a significant period of time? Describe the experience:

  1. Why does Cletus say he threw the sugar out the window?

  2. Why is it difficult for Mike (the narrator) to make jokes about Cletus’s obsession with sugar?

  3. Why does Mike keep saying sorry when Cletus vomits from the artificial sweetener?

  4. Why does Mike reproach Cletus for his near nervous collapse after drinking the artificial sweetener?

  5. Why do they go to Father Doherty to ask for sugar?

  6. Why does Father Doherty get mad when Cletus asks for sugar?

  7. Why is Sao Tome compared to a mythical world?

  8. Why do you think Mike is happy to be able to mimic Father Doherty and say “Joost one wish!” to his friends?

  9. What do you think was Mike’s response to the Protestant clergyman’s request? Why?

  10. What does Cletus reaction to Mercy’s stealing the sugar show about his character?

  11. Why didn’t Mike want to share the story about Cletus and his girlfriend and the sugar?

  12. How does Cletus react when Mike does mention the story?

  13. What is the point of the story about Cletus and Mercy and the sugar?

  14. Tate and Lyle is a sugar producing company. Explain Mike’s joke about Cletus’s wedding vows.

  15. What are some similarities and differences between this story and All Quiet on the Western Front?

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