Pre-Quiz for North American Indians

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Pre-Quiz for North American Indians

Decide whether each of the following statements is true or false.

  1. Eskimos (actually Inuit people) are American Indians.

2. At the time of contact, all Native American people were farmers, although some also hunted.

3. Contact was made with virtually all Native American people by the 1650s.
4. The first sustained contact with Native American people was by the British in the Northeast.
5. Native North American people did not know of confederacies or political alliances until Europeans taught them about them.
6. At the time of contact, California Natives were almost all agriculturalists.
7. Native American people should not drink alcohol, because they are all alcoholics.
8. Native North American people live on government handouts or allotments.
9. Although forced to fight in wars, Indian people have not distinguished themselves.
10. Almost all Native American people now live on reservations.
11. When land was taken from Native people, it was always purchased.
12. All Europeans who came to what is now North America had virtually the same motivations.
13. Since the deserts of California and the Southwest are so inhospitable, Native people did not live on them.
14. It has only been after they were converted to Christianity that Native North American people have had religious celebrations.
15. Native North American people had no concept of time until Europeans taught them about clocks and calendars.
16. Neither the French nor the Spanish had much impact on Native people of the Americas.
17. Pocahontas and Captain John Smith were in love.
18. In general, all Native North American people believe the same things.
19. There were no cities in North America until Europeans built them.
20. Native North American people had simple political systems compared to Europeans.

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