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A Volume of Title 35 of the U.S. Code as Published by The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co

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A Volume of Title 35 of the U.S. Code as Published by The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co.
The Table of Titles (Inside the Front Cover) Indicates Title 35 is One of the Titles That Has, As a Codified Title, Been Enacted by Congress

The Following Page.
Note: No Public Official Certifies the Text as Authentic. The Private Publisher Asserts a Copyright in the Editorial Material Added to the Statutes But Not the Statutes Themselves

Like the sample case report this statutory volume is put out by a commercial publishing house as one small part of a set. Some U.S. jurisdictions, including notably the federal government, still offer an official public printing of their code. However, for reasons similar to those that have led law reports from commercial publishers to displace “official” publicly printed editions of court decisions during the twentieth century, commercially published codes have for most users and purposes supplanted publicly printed ones. Although U.S. copyright law does not extend to court decisions or legislative enactments, it has been established for over a century that a law report or annotated code, combining uncopyrightable public material and editorial notes, tables, indices, and the like, can be copyrighted.5 Therefore, as with this volume virtually all commercial law publications in the U.S. wrap public domain legal information in such copyrighted material. In some jurisdictions an authorized private code publication carries a certification of accuracy from a public official; but most appear like this one with only the publisher's reputation for accuracy as the user's assurance of authenticity.

C. Regulation Sample -- Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations, Published by the Federal Government -- A Topically Organized Compilation of the Regulations Issued in the Federal Register (Lagging the Latter by As Much as a Year and a Half and Carrying Minimal Editorial Enhancement, Compared to Commercial Publications of Statutes or Specialty Collections)

This third sample shows a very recent law document type, being a compilation of agency regulations, required by statute to be published in an official Federal Register as issued, later to be compiled into the Code of Federal Regulations. Distribution of full collections of regulations at the state and federal levels remains largely in public hands, although distribution of those affecting a particular industry or important to a particular segment of law practice (such as tax) have strong and successful private publication channels offering not only selection but swifter distribution and editorial enhancements similar to those found in privately published case reports and statutes.

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