Prayers of Intercession

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Prayers of Intercession
• The first, A Prayer for All People, is a modification of the Prayer for All Sorts and Conditions of Men from The Book of Common Prayer, as found in A Prayer Book for Australia (1995), pp.15.

• The second, A Prayer for All People and Christ’s Church here on earth, is a comprehensive pattern allowing considerable input from the leader. It is based on that in An Australian Prayer Book (1978), pp.140ff, with some additional scope in the suggested prayer topics. It requires careful preparation.

• The third and fourth intercessions are also from An Australian Prayer Book (1978), pp.156-158. The third is in litany form, with versicles which the leader may add to or amplify, and a short unvaried congregational response, while the fourth is briefer and may be better used with the set wording for both leader and congregation.

• The fifth intercessory prayer, A Prayer for Our World, is the shortest form provided but is actually the most dense and most wide-ranging in its coverage.

1. A Prayer for all People

God of everlasting love, who provides all things,

we pray for all people:

make your way known to them,

your saving power among all nations.

We pray for the welfare of your church here on earth:

guide and govern it by your Spirit,

so that all who call themselves Christians

may be led in the way of truth

and hold the faith

in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life.
We commend to your fatherly goodness

all who are afflicted or distressed

in body, mind or circumstances [especially. . .]:

relieve them according to their needs,

giving them patience in their sufferings,

and deliverance from their afflictions.

This we ask for the sake of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

2. A Prayer for all People and Christ’s Church here on earth
Almighty God,

your Son Jesus Christ has promised

that you will hear us when we ask in faith:

receive the prayers we offer.

For Christians throughout the world
We give thanks for... ... ... We pray for ... ... ...

Christians in other countries, especially where there is suffering, danger and persecution; those sent out as missionaries, especially ... ... ...;

Christians in our country; the Anglican Church of Australia; this diocese; N our archbishop and N our regional bishop; this parish; N our minister(s) ... ... ... .

Strengthen your people for their witness and work in the world.

Fill your ministers with your Spirit,

that they may faithfully preach the gospel

and administer your holy sacraments.

Unite in the truth all who confess your name,

that we may live together in love

and proclaim your glory in all the world.

Father, hear our prayer,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For all people
We give thanks for ... ... ... We pray for ... ... ...

the peoples of the world and their leaders;

countries in crisis;

the Queen of Australia, leaders of Federal, State and

Local government; the police and those who administer our laws; all men and women in their daily work.

Give wisdom to those in authority in every land,

and give to all peoples a desire for righteousness

and peace,

and the will to work together in trust,

to seek the common good

and to share with justice the resources of the earth.

Father, hear our prayer,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For our community
We give thanks for ... ... ... We pray for ... ... ...

one another; our local community; those caring for people in need; those who teach Scripture in our schools; people known to us (especially ... ... ...).
We commend to your keeping, Father,

ourselves and each other,

our families, our neighbours and our friends.

Enable us by your Spirit to live in love for one another and for you.

Father, hear our prayer,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For those in need
We pray for ... ... ...

those who suffer; the sick; the poor; the depressed; the lonely; the unloved; the persecuted; the unemployed; those who grieve; and those who care for them ...

Comfort and heal, merciful Father,

all who are in sorrow, need, sickness or any other trouble.

Give them a firm trust in your goodness;

help those who minister to them;

and bring us all into the joy of your salvation.

Father, hear our prayer,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thanksgiving for those who have died trusting in Christ

We give thanks for the life and witness of ... ... ...

We praise you, Lord God,

for your faithful servants in every age

and ask that we may share with them Christ’s resurrection glory,

through his death and rising again for our salvation.

Hear us, Father,

through Jesus Christ our Lord,

who lives and reigns with you

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