Pratham Setia

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Pratham Setia


7th Period


Social media is good for democracy because it breaks down social barriers between people that allow for more cooperation and friendliness. This is because of multiple reasons, first because most people utilize social media as their main source of info, they are more receptive to information passed through social media as it is a familiar platform. “By connecting people across the world for free, platforms like Twitter and Facebook set the stage for a promising digital revolution, providing tools that helped foster global friendships, break down long-standing barriers that kept people and ideas from being heard, and served as the ultimate democratizing force for information” (Joshua Tucker 2018). Secondly seeing people on social media allows people to let their guard down and be more familiar with who they are. This is very good for democracy as familiarity is the key to building trust which allows politicians to influence people and make rightful decisions with the public.


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