Powerful country with Louis as king. But Louis lived a life of luxury

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Louis XIV
Louis became King of France at the age of

five when his father died. In the beginning, he was too young to rule, so his mother helped him. Then at age 17, Louis ruled the country alone. He was king for 72 years. France became a powerful country with Louis as king. But Louis lived a life of luxury, which made people angry.

Louis built a huge palace at Versailles,

near Paris. It took 40 years to finish it. At one time, 36,000 people worked on

building the palace. The palace cost so

much money that Louis did not let people

talk about it. The gardens of the palace had 1,400 fountains. The fountains used a lot of water so they worked for only three hours at a time.
The fountains used water, but Louis did

not! He hated to wash. He took only three

baths in his life. He washed only one part

of his body—the tip of the nose.

Everyone in the palace had to do what

the king did, so people washed only their noses!

Louis XIV had other unusual rules. He

liked to keep the windows open at the

palace. He wanted dozens of people

around him when he got dressed. Also,

only the king and queen could sit on chairs

with arms. Everybody else had to sit on

chairs with no arms.
Louis had problems in sleeping. People

say that he had 413 beds. He went from

one bed to another until he fell asleep.

But he had a good appetite. A normal

dinner for Louis was four bowls of soup,

two whole chickens, ham, lamb, a salad,

cakes, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs. He also drank a lot of champagne because his

doctor told him to. He lived to be 77

years old. When he died, doctors said his

stomach was two times the size of a

normal stomach.
Louis XIV was not always popular, but

he was an important king in the history of

France. He was so important that he was

called “the Sun King.”

  1. Write the correct words in the blanks.

rule powerful luxury palace fountains appetite tip
1. Louis XIV built a very large house called Versailles. It was a beautiful ____________.

2. A king’s job is to ____________ his country.

3. When Louis XIV was king, his country was very important. It was a

_____________ country.

4. Louis liked to have very expensive things. These things were not necessary.

He liked_____________.

5. Louis always ate big dinners. He had a good_____________.

6. In a park, water often comes out of_____________.

7. The end of your nose is the _____________of it.

  1. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Louis XIV was a famous king because _______________.

a. he ate a lot b. he washed only his nose c. he built the palace of Versailles.
2. Louis XIV loved_____________.
a. beautiful beds b. a life of luxury c. Baths
3. Louis XIV ruled_____________.
a. for a long time b. in England c. 36,000 people

  1. Reread the passage and answer the questions.

1. How long was Louis XIV king?

2. How old was Louis XIV when he ruled the country alone?

3. What was the name of Louis’s palace?

4. How many fountains were there in the gardens of the palace?

5. What part of his body did Louis wash?

6. In the palace, who sat on chairs with arms?

  1. Match the words in Column A and Column B to make sentences.



___ 1. Louis liked

___ 2. Louis hated

___ 3. Louis had

___ 4. Louis didn’t

___ 5. Louis became king

___ 6. Louis ruled the country alone

a. sleep well.

b. a good appetite.

c. to keep the windows open.

d. when he was 17 years old.

e. when he was five years old.

f. to wash.

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