Power of Prevention Coalition

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Power of Prevention Coalition

Commitment Letter

The Power of Prevention is a community coalition dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of McLennan County citizens through collaborative community action, education, prevention and the elimination of local health disparities.
I am committed to being an active member of the Power of Prevention Coalition (POP). I am committed to the vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies that have been and/or will be decided by the Coalition. I am also committed to the planning and collaboration that such coalitions undertake and understand that it will take time and effort. I acknowledge the contributions and expectations of the other members of the Coalition. I understand that my participation in this coalition greatly benefits McLennan County by: increasing community resources and outreach, providing education to overcome health disparities, and improving quality of life by encouraging residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
As general evidence of my commitment, I agree to do the following:

√ Be an active coalition member.

Read minutes and reports, to keep informed of coalition decisions and activities.

√ Actively participate in monthly meetings, discussion, events, campaigns, projects, etc.

√ Keep coalition members informed of updates and activities in your organization

√ Encourage other community citizens to be a part of this coalition.

We value your membership, input and commitment. In order to remain an effective coalition for the residents of McLennan County, we count on your participation. Frequent absences will result in re-evaluation of membership.
Name: _________________________________________ Date: ______________

Organization: ___________________________________

Please contact Coalition Chair, Ashley Williams at 254-750-5631 for any questions or comments.

We look forward to continued partnership!

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