Potential Questions for Fascist Italy

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Potential Questions for Fascist Italy
Fascist Italy

• Fascist ideology, with reference to militarism, nationalism, corporatism, anti-communism and racism

• The rise of Fascism: the attraction of Fascist ideology, the role of Mussolini, the weakness of liberal Italy

post-war, the fear of communism; the establishment of the one party state

• The intolerance of diversity with reference to political, economic, religious and cultural diversity

• Il Duce and the Cult of Mussolini in relation to Fascist ideology

12 Mark Questions

1. Explain why the Fascist state was intolerant of diversity

2. Explain what the most important features of Fascist ideology were

3. Explain why Mussolini adopted corporatism as an economic policy

4. Explain why Mussolini failed to secure power before October 1922

5. Explain why many different groups of people were attracted to Fascism

6. Explain Mussolini's direct role in the Fascist rise to power

7. Explain why the Fascists signed the concordat

8. Explain how many Fascist ideologies stemmed from Italy's mutilated victory in WWI

9. Explain how the murder of Matteotti affected Hitler's chances of consolidating power

10. Explain the Fascists use of squadre violence in the rise to power

11. Explain why the cult of Mussolini played a significant role in Mussolini's rule

12. Explain how far intolerance of political diversity was the most important suppression of diversity

13. Explain how the fear of communism helped Mussolini and the Fascists into power

24 Mark Questions

14. How successful was the Italian Fascist state in creating a totalitarian state in the years 1933 to 1940?

15. How far were the mistakes of others responsible for Mussolini becoming Prime Minister October 1922?

16. 'Mussolini's use of violence from the blackshirts and squadres was the most important reason to explain the Fascist rise to power.' Do you agree or disagree?

17. How far was the role of Mussolini the decisive factor in the Fascist rise to power

18. To what extent was Mussolini's ideology of anti-communism the most important ideology to gain party support

19. 'Mussolini would not have gained power if it was not for WWI.' Explain whether you agree

20. How far was Mussolini's intolerance of diversity the decisive factor in creating a one party state?

21. How successful was the cult of Mussolini and Il Duce successful in indoctrinating the Italian people

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