Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 6: 34 pm

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Lincoln's Second Inauguration ~~

Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 6:34 pm

By Machaela Ballard / Register News Writer
Wednesday marked 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous second inauguration address. And the Battle of Richmond Association commemorated the anniversary with a re-enactment at the Madison County Courthouse.
The main courtroom was filled with spectators, some in period-appropriate dress, to see Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd, portrayed by Larry and Mary Elliott of Louisville.
Because of rain, the event was moved indoors.

Mary Elliott, portraying Mary Todd Lincoln, held a Bible as Madison Circuit Judge William G. Clouse, administered the oath to her husband in the role of Lincoln.

Before entering into character, Larry Elliott told the crowd he believed the speech was the most important Lincoln ever delivered.

“It was what, when and how he delivered it that made the speech so important,” he said.

“Our nation was in a terrible Civil War, brothers against brothers, that had lasted almost four years.

Our nation was desperate for reconciliation and he message that Abraham Lincoln gave

March 4, 1865, as the war was coming to a close.

Both sides needed to heal and forgive.”

Other speakers also explained the importance of the address.

Dr. Marshall Myers, president of the Madison County Civil War Roundtable, said that Lincoln

used the opportunity to boldly explain the cause of the Civil War.

“Lincoln chastised the war, both the North and South, and discouraged the slavery that had eaten away at the fabric of the republic for generations,” Myers said.

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