Posted: 2011 Gender Studies 101: Gender and Sexuality Theory

Readings: -The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot -

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-The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot

-Culture, Society and Sexuality: A Reader Ed. --Richard Parker and Peter Aggleton (CSS)

-Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer by Riki Anne Wilchins (Wilchins)

-Additional readings available for download on Blackboard in the Course Documents section. Please print and bring all readings to class. (CD)

Posts to Discussion Board (8 substantial required, 1 synthesis, more suggested) 15%

Essay 1 (5 pages) 15%

Essay 2 (5 pages) 15%

Essay 3 (6-7 pages with 1-2 outside sources) 20%

Written Class work (theory worksheets, etc.) 5%

Peer Editing 5%

Class Participation 20%

Attendance at Outside Events 5%

There is a Discussion Board for this on the online Blackboard, which most of you have visited, for this class. This will be your forum for discussion of the readings, as well as a place to ask each other general questions about course information.

Each week you should contribute one or two substantive comments to the Discussion Board discussion area. You can respond to anyone’s discussion or start a thread yourself. Each post must reflect what you have learned from and think about class readings. Substantive responses consist of a paragraph that takes into account previous posts and readings. A quote from the class text should be cited (including page number) and close read in your post. Close reading will be the major requirement for your post. Please don’t isolate the quote and then discuss it.

You may post more than once a week, but a minimum of 8 substantive responses, one each week, and one synthesis at the end of the quarter is required to receive the 15% of your grade. I will monitor the bulletin board and delete any responses that I think you may consider "substantive," but I do not.

You are also encouraged, however, to respond in a less formal manner to the posts of your virtual community. Check the discussion board often and try to engage with the issues and problems presented.

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