Posted: 2011 Gender Studies 101: Gender and Sexuality Theory

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Contributor: J. Enteen, Gender Studies Program,

Posted: 2011

Gender Studies 101: Gender and Sexuality Theory

Fall 2011

Kresge 2-359

T, Th 1-2:20

Instructor: Jillana Enteen

Office: 3-144 Crowe Hall

Phone: 491-4337

Office Hours: Tues 4:30-5:30, Thurs 11:30-12:30 and by apt.


This writing-intensive seminar is designed to introduce college level seminars, research, composition and paper writing, peer editing, and Northwestern culture, while providing an overview of the major questions raised by Gender and Sexuality Studies. The interdisciplinary study of gender, sex and sexuality creates non-traditional frameworks for examining what might be considered natural, systemic, or unquestionable. Using texts that range across history, science, journalism, social sciences, and literature, we will survey gender, postcolonial, queer and trans theories. Our central focus for learning about Gender and Sexuality Studies will be to query the constructed nature and the effects of its presumed position as pre-determined, essential, or true.

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