Post Town, Nuneaton, is a town about to receive Urban powers in the Nuneaton Parliamentary Division

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BEDWORTH (Post Town, Nuneaton), is a town about to receive Urban powers in the Nuneaton Parliamentary Division. Bedworth County Council and Coventry Petty Sessional Division, Foleshill Union and Coventry County Court District, having a population of 9,599 at the last census, as against 7,169 in the year 1901. The town is in the centre of the Warwickshire Coalfields.
Post Office (E G Parsons), King St. Deliveries, week-days 7 a.m., 11.15 a.m and 6 p.m, despatched 9-45 Nuneaton and all parts, 10.30 a.m. Birmingham and districts, South Wales, Ireland and the North, 12.30 p.m, 6. 0 p.m and 4-5 p.m for all parts, Sundays, 8.30 a.m. for callers and telegrams, 7-30 p.m. despatched to all parts.
Warwickshire Miners Association offices, 19 Bulkington Road, office hours 8 till 12-30 and 2 till 6. Payment of Sick Pay etc., on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 till 12.30 and from 5 till 6, Saturdays 10 to 12.
PARISH CHURCH: Rector, Rev Canon Evans, M.A: Curate, Rev. L C Cooper, Church warden, T L Liggins and G Clifford, Parish Clerk and Sexton, W Suffolk. Services, Holy Communion, 2nd and 4th Sunday, 8 a.m., 1st and 3rd Sunday, after morning service. Morning Prayer, 10-30 a.m. Scholars service, 1st Sunday, 2-45 a.m. Evensong, 6-30 p.m. Daily morning service, 10 a.m., Holy Baptism, Sundays (except 1st in month), 3.15 p.m. or at morning service on week days
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, Orchard Street, Collycroft – Resident Minister, F Collen. Sunday services 10-45 a.m. and 6 p.m.
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, King Street, Bedworth –
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Old Meeting Yard, Leicester Street. Minister J F Bradley. Sunday Services, 10-45 a.m. and 6. p.m.
EZRA CHAPE, Chapel Street – Sunday services 10-45 a.m. and 6 p.m.
WESLYAN METHODIST, Mill Street – Sunday services, 10-45 a.m. and 6 p.m.
ZION STRICT BAPTIST, Croxhall Street – Rev W.J. Lait – Sunday services 10-45 a.m. and 6 p.m.
WESLEY REFORM, Bulkington Road – Sunday services 10-45 a.m and 6 p.m.

J Daffern, D.C. Chairman

M Horobin, Vice-Chairman

W Falconbridge, D. C. J.J. Simpson, D.C, A Darlison, D.C, E Dewis, J Harris

J Stubbs, W Shortridge, H Faulconbridge, I Cope, H Curtis, W H Alexander,

T Topp, Clerk


Burial – W Shortridge, L Cope, J J Simpson, W H Alexander, H Curtis,

Wm Falconbridge.

Lighting - A Darlison, J Stubbs, W Shortridge, E Dewis, I Harris, H Curtis,

W H Alexander, Wm Faulconbridge

Recreation and Allotment – J J Simpson, E Dewis, I Harris, W Faulconbridge

Fire Brigade - H Faulconbridge, A Darlison, W H Alexander, I Cope,

J J Simpson, H Curtis, J Harris, J Stubbs, W Shortridge

Chairman and Vice-Chairman ex-officio of all Committees.
TRUSTEES OF PAROCHIAL CHARITIES – W Johnson, M P., Wm Faulconbridge,

A Darlison, M Horobin

OVERSEERS BEDWORTH - William Johnson, Alfred Darlison, Manasseh Horobin,

William Faulconbridge.


Left-hand side from Heath Road

2 Walker, Thos, Labourer

4 Bonson, Mrs

24 Hastelow, W T, Miner

26 Wilks, Arthur, Miner

26a Hastelow, Walter, Miner

28 Moore, Joseph, Miner

30 Moore, Henry, Miner

52 Case E, Engine driver

Hammersley, J H

Right-hand side

Shilton, Joseph

Wale, Mrs J

Moore, Wm, Miner

Harris, Mrs

Simmons, Chas, Carpenter

Beale, Mrs

Hall, Thos, Miner

Tuffrey, Philip, Labourer

Engine sheds

Smorrill Lane to Left

Davies, H, Farmer, Glebe Farm


1 Kinder, Wm.

2 Taylor, John, Miner

3 Barlow, Daniel, Miner

4 Harrison, Arthur, Miner

5 Ison, Albert John, Miner

6 Poole, David, Labourer

7 Davies, Joseph, Miner

8 Daffern, Joseph, Miner

9 Barnett, Moses, Stoker

10 Baker, Henry, Miner

11 Johnson, Thos, Miner

12 Simmons, Wm, Miner

13 Wilcox, John, Miner

14 Bates, Thos, Miner

Bird, Geo, Miner

Blake, Wm, Miner

Musson, Edw. Miner

Docker, Wm, Labourer

Speight, Allen, Mechanic


Continuation of Coal Pit Field

Whitcroft, Jos, New Inn

Barlow, James, Labourer

Berrill, James, Boatman

Harwood, Ernest, Miner

Berrill, Mrs

Berrill, Samuel, Boatman

Kent, John, Boatman

Doyle, John, Miner

Griffiths, John, Boat Dock

Carvell, Edw. Boat Loader

Brindley, Charles, Miner

Conway, George, Miner

Chater, Edward, Boatman

Ford, Alfred, Miner

Moore, James

House (void)

Wilkinson, Mrs

Trusty, Richard, Labourer

Wood, Thomas, Bricklayer

Chilton, John, Boat Builder

Doyle, David, Miner

Skinner, Mrs

Bradbury, Jas T, Miner

Randle, James, Boatman

Randle, Isaac, Miner

Ford, Henry, Miner

Oliver, William, Boat Loader

Bagnil, Robert


Left-hand side from Mill Cotts

2 Mackford, John, Miner

Right-hand side from Mill Cottages

No houses


Right-hand side from Railway Bridge

Evelyn Terrace

1 Randle, Ern, Bricklayer

3 Varney, Wm, Photographer

5 Fisher, J, Insurance Agent

7 Hind, E G, Mechanic

9 Waddams, John, Haulier

11 Neale, Miss

13 Farndon G, Signalman

Bulkington Road School

- Ralley, Miss, Headmistress

15 Void

17 Johnson W, M.P., J.P., c.c. Dovedale

(and National Liberal Club, London)

19 Warwickshire Miners’ Association Offices

21 Bedworth Gas & Coke Co. Ltd.

23 Callant, F, Gas Manager

25 Jaques, Amos, Miner

27 Matterson, Daniel, Miner

29 Chandler, John, Miner

31 Marston, Harry, Miner

33 Harrison, John, Miner

35 Neale, R

Miller, Frank, The Traveller’s Rest

Hosiery Street

Wootton, E & Co. hat manufacturers, wire,

Clements, Bedworth: Tel:8x

39 Hewitt, John, Miner

41 Marsden, Thos, Hatter

43 Knight, Fredk, Miner

45 Richards, James, Miner


1 Bennett, John, Miner

3 Pickard, Stephen, Hatter

5 Pegg, John, Miner

67 Cope, Isaac, Baker and Grocer

69 Hargrave, James

71 Neale, John, Miner

Randle, Wm, “Prince of Wales”

75 Stilgo, Joseph, Carter

77 Bowns, Joseph, Miner

79 Ashby, Thos, Miner

81 Hibberts, Wm, Labourer

83 Marston, B, Miner

85 Ward, T, Bricklayer

87 Farndon, E W, Miner

89 Beebe, George, Miner

91 Webb, Mrs

93 Moore, Joseph, Miner

95 Lakin, Charles, Miner

97 Lee William

99 Priest, Arthur, Hatter

101 Edmands, Thos, Miner

103 Ward, Mrs

105 Farndon, Isaac, Miner

107 Marlow, Mrs

109 Wills, Edward, Hatter

111 Gilbert, Jos A, Miner

113 Coleman, Arthur, Miner


115 Wright, W B, Miner

117 Miller, William, Miner


119 Morson, Samuel

121 Mountford, Jos, Miner

123 Nicklin, Arthur, Miner

125 Nicklin, Charles, Miner

207a Reynolds, Chas, Miner

207 Tallis, Joseph, Miner

209 Hall, Walter, Miner

211 Wetton, Thos, Miner

217 Johnson, Mrs

219 Reynolds, Henry, Miner

221 Ward, John, Miner

223 Tyler, Fredk, Fruiterer

225 Mountford, A E, Miner

227 Randle, Thomas, Miner

229 Neale, William, Miner

231 Flowers, Wm H, Labourer

233 Farndon, George, Miner

235 Bucknall, Sam, Weaver

235 Smith, Ernest, Hatter

239 Marson, Wm H, Miner

241 Kirkland, Wm, Miner

243 Bucknall, Sam, Jnr. Miner

245 Farley, R, Engine driver

247 Moore, Geo C, Miner

249 Smith, Sidney, Hatter

251 Knight, Arther, Boatman

Smith, B., “Navigation”

255 Eaton, Josiah, Miner

257 Barlow, John, Miner

259 Tedds, Mrs


Road to Bulkington

Left-hand side from Railway Bridge

Exhall Colliery & Brickworks Ltd.

(Tel. 21, Bedworth)

- Norman C H, Manager

16 Garner, Isaac, Policeman

18 Wright, Arthur, Miner

20 Price, Thomas, Carpenter

22 Pratt, Thomas, Miner

24 Flannaghan, Jos, Miner

26 Harrison, A, Hatter

28 Hewitt, Mrs

30 Earl, E J

32 Jones, Josiah, Miner

34 Lee T W, Manager

36 Davis, Silas, Hatter

38 Tedds, Harry, Miner

40 Nicklin, Joseph, Miner

42 Bindley, Ephraim, Miner

44 Whitehead, W T, Hatter

46 Davis, Jesse, Hatter

48 Reading, Mark Joseph, Drapery Traveller

50 Tyler, Joseph, Hairdresser

Wesley Reform Church

New Street

54 Orton, Isaac, Miner

56 Lole, Thomas, Baker

58 Tyler, Tom, Miner

60 Daffern, Noah, Miner

62 Tipple Mrs

64 Cooper Richd. Checker

66 Moore, Walter, Miner

68 Neal, Samuel, Miner

70 Allen, John, Miner

72 Golby, William, Miner

74 Whitehead, John, Miner

82 Whitcroft, James, Grocer

78 Moore, Ephraim, Miner

80 Thompson, Isaac

82 Harris, Henry, Sawyer

84 Huffer, H, Butcher (shop)

84 Cooke, John, Hatter

William Street


80 Coles, J, Fried Fish Restaurant

88 Aldridge, Tom, Miner

90 Davenport, J, Miner

92 Jackson, Wm, Miner

94 Smith, Jas G, Miner

96 Spacey, Wm, Miner

98 Nicholls, John, Miner

100 Sharpe, Wm A, Miner

102 Hopkins, Saml, Miner

104 Cryer, Henry, Miner

106 Bonsor, Jesse, Boot maker

108 Taylor, Rbt, Labourer

110 Tanner, Geo W, Miner

112 Farndon, Thos, Miner


114 Hardy, John, Stamper

116 Bosworth, S, Mechanic


118 Daffern, Thos, Miner

120 Faulks, A, Station Master

Wootton Street

122 Brookes, Rd, Grocer

124 Stone, S, Engineer

126 Whitehead, C, Insurance Agent, Prudential

128 Golby, Thos, Boilerman

130 Edmands, John, Miner

132 Ross, Joseph, Miner

134 Edmands, Wm, Miner

136 Case, Wm, Engine Driver

138 Dodd, Harry, Miner

140 Ison, John, Miner

142 Richards, Hy, Miner

144 Casey, John, Miner

146 Smith, Sabaniah S, Farmer


Off Bulkington Road

23 Hood, Isaac, Miner

24 Walker, Thos, Miner

25 Bowns, Harry, Miner

26 Bucknall, Israel, Miner

27 Westbury, J, Miner

28 Wheatley, C, Miner

29 Gilbert, Wm, Miner

30 Nicklin, J, Snr. Banksman

31 Ward, John, Miner

32 Harrison, W A, Hatter

33 Farndon, Isaac, Miner

34 Mortiby, Benj. Miner

35 Dyall, George, Miner

36 Harrison, Hy, Miner

37 Case, T, Engine Driver

38 Deeming, Elij, Miner

39 Pegg, Sam, Bricklayer

40 Farndon, Jos, Miner

41 Reynolds, Albert, Miner

42 Farndon, Wm, Miner

43 Brown, John, Miner

44 Darlison, Wm, Miner

45 Beer, Mrs, Charwoman


Left-hand side from Market Street

2 Harper, Mrs. General dir.

4 Hughes, Wm, Labourer

6a Gwinn, Chas, Roadman

6 Wyatt, Arthur, Hatter

8 Heritage, Joseph, Miner

10 Birch, Frank, Painter

12 Murphy, John, Miner

14 Bond, Isaac, Labourer

16 Treadwell, M, Miner

18 Tidman, Daniel

Right-hand side from Market Street

1 Orton, Lionel Edward. L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., Phys.

And Surgeon and Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator,

Bedworth Dist. Of Foleshill Union

3 Randle, Henry, Miner

5 Moore, Isaac, General Dealer

7 Hackett, Thos, Shunter

The Square to Right

9 Baraclough, C J, Hauler

11 White, Wm, Miner

13 15 Reader, Elijah, Miner


2 Williams, Mrs

4 Gentlemen’s Court Club

6 Hammersley, S, Miner

8 Wills, Walter, Hatter

10 Henton, Joseph, Labourer

12 Beamish, W, Labourer

14 Reader, Elij, Jnr. Miner


1 Ensley, Amos

5 Parker, Mrs H

7 Mills, Josiah, Miner


Right-hand side from Railway Bridge and Queen St

1 Dewis, John, Miner

3 Dewis, Mrs

5 Randle, Mrs

7 Randle, Wm J, Miner

9 Daffern, Mrs

11 Randle, Joseph, Miner

13 Neale, Fred, Miner

15 Dewis, Benjamin, Miner

Twigger, W, The Old Bush

Left-hand side from Railway Bridge and Queen St

2 Taylor, Arthur, Labourer

4 Neale, Thomas, Miner

6 Sleath, John, Farmer

8 Knight, Mrs

10 Jones, John, Engine Driver

12 Bradbury, James, Miner

14 Morris, Alfred, Miner

16 Davenport, J, Insurance Agent

18 Foster, Thomas, Miner

20 Wagstaff, Samuel, Florist

22 Pendlebury, J C, Manager

24 Johnson, Michael, Clerk

26 Bolstridge, Mrs

28 Moore, John Wm, Miner

30 Johnson, John, Miner

32 Bailey, John, Labourer

34 Payne, William, Hatter

36 Bailey, E J, Miner

38 Hammersley, A, Miner

40 Flanaghan, Geo, Miner

42/44 Dewis Joseph

46 Dewis, Edward, Hatter

48 Smith, Geo, Coal Dealer

50/52 Daffern, Saml, Miner

Fathers, John, Labourer

Huffer, Harry, Farmer


Right-hand side from High Street


Bosworth, G O, Caretaker

3 Marsh, A E, Assist. Supt. The Laurels

5 Faulconbridge, Wm. Haselmere

7 Webb Vere, Dental Surgeon, Enville

Topp, T, Assist. Overseer

Lait, Rev. W J, (Bapt), Ivy Dean

Park Road

13 Wootton, H, Manufacturer

15 Woodward, S J, Agent

17 Pownall W H, Solicitor, Roseneath

19 Sykes, A E, Solicitor, Cintra

Roberts, Mrs


Sexton, James, Colliery and Estate Agent

Whyman, Cyril G, Bank Manager

Gibson, Frederick

Evans, Rev. Canon F W, Rectory (Tel: 7)

Left-hand side from Market Street

2 Rathbone, Ed, Jnr. Wheelwright & Smith

4 Shortridge, Mrs, Refreshment Rooms

4 Shortridge, Wm, Builder

6 Harrison, Mrs A

8 Bonsor, T, Fruiterer

10 Bedworth Conservative Club & Victoria Hall

14 Reader, Thos, Steward

16 Darlison, John, Gardener

18 Hanes, John W, Bricklayer

20 Mann, James, Miner

22 Draycott, Miss, Dressmaker

22 Draycott, Mrs

24 Gamble, James, Saddler

26 Burgess, Wm, Bricklayer

28 Void

30 Brindley, G, Miner

32 Downing, J, Brick Manufacturer, Springfield House

34 Scrimshire, S, Butcher

36 Darlison, Mrs, Newsagent

38 Alcott, Mrs

40 Johnson, Wm

42 James, Mrs

44 Stubbs, James, Miner

46 Riley, W, Police Constable

48 West, A, Under-manager

50 Watts, Miss, Schoolmistress

52 Gibson, Miss

54 Hurst, Wm, Joiner

56 Bosworth, Mrs

58 Coombe F, Asst.Supt. Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd.

60 Horobin, Manesseh

62 Gibson, Thos, Carpenter

64 Woodham, H, Grocer

66 Cross, Henry, Hatter

68 Golby, Geo Hy, Miner

70 Henley, Miss, Teacher

72 Harrison, Joseph

74 Grant, Miss, Costumier

76 Slater, Ed, Platelayer

78 Sission, Thos, Miner

80 Crutchlow, D, Miner

82 Downs, John, Miner

84 Jenkins, Jas, Miner

86 Simpson, J J

92 Daft, Frederick J

94 Smith, C P, Drape

96 Snowden, Charles

98 Gardner, Albert, Tailor

100 Hardy, W, Avondale

102 Brown, Mrs

104 Griffiths, Geo, Labourer

106 Ward, Eli, Miner

108 Brunsdon, R, Music Teacher

110 Hardiman, Stephen, Agent

112 Hartopp, Harry, Miner

114 Miles, Albert, Hatter

116 Farndon, Fred, Miner

118 Harris, W T, Miner

120 Goodyer, J, Miner

122 Holland, Harry

124 Rouse, Thos, Miner

126 Barlow, John, Miner

128 Shillcock, Wm, Grocer

130 Whitmore, Mrs, C E

132 Lees, Wm S, Miner

134 Courts, Isaac A, Miner

136 Hughes, Joseph, Miner

138 Woolgrove, Ern, Baker

144 Neale, Abijah, Miner

146 Severns, John, Deputy

148 Smith Joseph

150 Loach, Walter, Miner

152 Harrison, J W, Joiner

154 Harrison, Ernest, Miner

156 Gee, David, Miner

158 Bucknall, Alfred, Miner

160 Carter, Charles, Miner

162 Wallis, Geo F, Clerk

Griffiths, J, Speedwell Cottage (Tel: 39)


Clarke, Miss

Ellison, W, Horse keeper

Bedworth Water Works: Howes, Henry, Manager

Alexander, W H, Schoolmaster, Launders Hall


2 Tyler, Luther, Shop Assistant

4 Griffiths, J, Boat builder

6 Andrews, James

8 Hall, John

10 Plester, F, Boat Builder

12 Johnson, Mrs

14 Tyler, Samson, Miner


Right-hand side from King Street

1 Marston, Samuel, Stoker

3 Mountford, Arthur, Miner

5 Lole, William, Labourer

7 Randle, William, Miner

9 Bordell, Samuel

9a Wyatt, John, Factory hand

11 Hartopp, John

11a Harrison, Fred, Miner

Left-hand side from King Street

Baptist Chapel, Minister Rev. W Lait

Whitehead, A W, Miner

1 Bull, William, Hatter

6 Bowns, Thomas, Miner

8 Neale Thomas, Miner

10 Jee, John, Miner

12 Stubbs, Lewis, Miner

14 Dewis, William, Miner

16 Birch, W A, Painter & Decorator


Left-hand side from King Street

2 Smith, Mrs

4 Deeming, John A, Miner

6 Wareham, E T, Fireman

8 Sharratt, Edward, Miner

10 Shaw, Mrs

12 Farndon, Frank, Miner

14 Neale, William, Miner

16 Bayliss, Wm H, Miner

18 Hough, William, Hatter

21 Reynolds, Mrs

22 Bolton, Joseph, Miner

24 Walker, Thomas, Miner

24 Randle, Frederick, Miner

26 Copeland, John W, Miner

30 Beesley, William, Miner

32 Deeming, Alfred, Miner

Right-hand side from King Street

Bedworth Town F.C. Ground


Right-hand side from Mill Street

1 Adams, Ben, Cab Driver

3 Jaques, Wm, Miner

Council Schools – Watts, Miss Headmistress

- Alexander, W H, Headmaster

Left-hand side from Mill Street

10 Elliott, W, Assurance Agent, Dunsmore

12 Bones, A, Clerk Rangem’r

18 Townsend, Frank, Hatter

20 Daffern, Moses, Haulier

22 Bates, Geo, Miner

24 Needle, Wal, Factory Hand


Continuation of New Town Road

Right-hand side from Brook

1 Smith, Joseph, Labourer

3 Wale, Frederick, Miner

39 Hewitt, Thomas, Miner

41 Harrison, Samuel, Miner

43 Neale, Wm, Banksman

45 Pickard, Mrs

47 Harris, Wm, Boilerman

49 Hammersley, Jos, Miner

51 Wale, Daniel, Miner

Road to Astley

53 Archer, Leonard, Miner

55 Ford, Mrs

57 Turner, Mathew, Miner

59 Hutt, Benj, Factory Hand

61 Worthington, John, Miner

63 Twigger, Thos, Miner

65 Owen, Wm, Banksman

67 Prue, Wm, Miner

69 Bennett, John, Miner

71 Flanaghan, Thos, Miner

73 Harris, Mrs

75 Giles, James, Banksman

77 Gummery, A, Hairdresser

79 Liggins, Joseph, Miner

81 Edwards, Joseph, Haulier

83 Hearne, Arthur, Miner

85 Bradist, Arthur, Miner

111 Smith, Geo Hy, Builder

Left-hand side from Brook

98 Warner, Mrs

100 Sherwood, Joseph, Miner

102 Hibberts, Geo, Miner

104 Wood, Walter, Stoker

106 Morris, Wm Thos, Miner

108 Holland, Wm, Butcher

110 Marston, James, Miner


Left-hand side from King Street

2 Ford, John, “Shoulder of Mutton”

4 Telephone Exchange

Mills, J, Miner

6 Wright, J, Painter and Decorator

8/10 Nuneaton Co-operative Society Ltd. (branch)

10 Nuneaton Co-op Society Ltd. Drapery Dept.

12 Edmands, H J (Edmands & Son), Manufct. Tower House

14 Croft, Arthur, Miner

16 Reynolds, G E, Coachman

18 Pratt, Wm, Miner

20 Cooper, Thomas, Miner

22 Jaques, Jesse, Grocer

Harrison, Jacob, “The Bee Hive Inn”

26 Hardiman, Mrs “Haunch of Venison”

28 Bullivant, Hy, Draper

30 Spencer, J & Son, Boot and shoe dealers

32 Johnson, Mrs

Bradbury, E, “Cottage Tavern”

BUTCHER’S YARD (See below)

36 Judd, Harry, Grocer

38 Parker, Louis, Cycle Repairs

40 Woodward, E W, Miner

42 Cloves, Thos, Carpenter

Cleaver, J “White Lion”

Zion Strict Baptist Chapel

Coventry Road

From Market Street

1 Darlison, A, Boot & Leather warehouse

3 Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Boot & Shoe dealers

Cooke, Albert J, Manager

Nelson & Son Ltd., Butchers

Roberts & Smalley, Bazaar

7 Whittall, Enos, Baker & Confectioner

All Saints Church

Bedworth Central Church Schools

Crews, G H, Schoolmaster, School House

Parish Offices

Fire Station

Left-hand side from High Street

1. Reece, Wm, Miner

3 Dillam, Leonard, Miner

5 Bale, Thos, Miner

7 Hardman, John, Miner

9 Sharratt, A, Miner


2 Barlow, John, Miner

4 Henton, Sam, Miner

6 Hood, Thomas, Miner

8 Parker, Joseph, Miner

10 Gazey, John, Miner

12 Pickard, Wm, Miner

14 Edwards, D, Miner


2 Neal Rowland, Labourer

4 Freeman, Samuel, Miner

6 Russell, Joseph, Miner

8 Randle, Samuel, Miner

19 Pratt, John, Miner

12 Vaughan, A T, Miner

14 Smith, James, Miner

16 Bowers, Mrs

18 Amos, Charles, Miner

20 Page, Arthur, Miner

22 Marriott, A, Miner

24 Rogers, Wm, Miner

26 Ford, Edward, Miner

28 Barnett, G H, Labourer

30 Buckley, J W, Miner

32 Jacques, Edw, Miner

34 Lucas, Thos, Blacksmith

36 Golby, Joseph, Miner

38 Crisp, Joseph, Spinner


Right-hand side

1 Allsopp, W, Blacksmith

3 Pickard, Joseph, Hatter

5 Goode, Wm, Wheelwright

7 Johnson, Geo, Hatter

9 Twigger, Thos, Miner

11 Cox, Richd, Hatter

13 Lucas, Mrs

15 Froggett, William, Miner

17 Rathbone, Ed, Wheelwright

Left-hand side

2 Martin, Harry, Miner

4 Tyler, Amos, Miner

6 Gurney, George, Miner

8 Moore, Thos, Labourer


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