Post-Intervention Conflict

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Some questions to consider:

What should be the central focus of an intervening force as it draws down?

What roles do economic development and nation-building play in establishing long-term stability, and what aspects of them contribute most towards reducing long-term violence?
After completing their original missions, how much should intervening forces concentrate on securing aid-projects, nation-building, and economic development, how much should they concentrate on training local forces, and how much should they concentrate on eliminating insurgent factions? What else could or should they do?

Is your country likely to engage in intervention or receive it (to assist or oppose your government)? How concerned is your country with regions where military intervention is currently underway?

How much pressure, if any, should be placed on neighboring states to address spillover and handle militias based in border-regions? How much pressure and reliance should be placed on local governments and when?
How could the effects of complicating factors, like those of weak government, be mitigated?
Under what conditions should peace-negotiation with insurgent militias be encouraged?

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