Possible Essential Questions for us history Old Standards The New Nation

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Possible Essential Questions


US History Old Standards
The New Nation

  1. Why were objections made to Hamilton's economic plan?

  2. What problems did the US have with England, France and Spain, and how were these issues addressed?

  3. Why did the US go to war with England in 1812?

  4. Why wasn't the US a very democratic nation from 1789-1815?

Jacksonian Democracy

  1. How did politics become more democratic during the "Age of Jackson?"

  2. How did Jackson strengthen the powers of the presidency during his two terms in office?

Civil War

  1. How did earlier compromises fail?

  2. What factors are responsible for the creation of the Republican Party?

  3. How did the Union win the Civil War?

Era of Good Feelings

  1. Why is the period from 1817 to 1825 considered an "Era of Good Feelings?"

  2. What factors are responsible for the growing US economy in this time period?

Manifest Destiny
1. How is Manifest Destiny a major factor for the Civil War?


  1. How did the Civil War change the US?

  2. Why was Reconstruction considered a failure?


Great West

  1. What factors are responsible for post Civil War westward migration?

  2. What factors are responsible for the rise and fall of Populism?

Gilded Age

  1. Why were early labor unions and strikes ineffective?

  2. Why was government ineffective in dealing with Gilded Age issues?

6. How did African Americans deal with segregation and discrimination during this time period?

1.Explain political, economic, and social reasons for imperialism.

  1. Why did the us go to war with Spain in 1898?

  2. Why and how did the US become actively involved in Latin America and Asia during this time period?

Gilded Age

  1. How did big business obtain power and control during the Gilded Age?

  2. Why did Americans dislike the "new immigrants?"

  3. Why were cities a horrible place to live during the Gilded Age?

Progressive Era

  1. What reforms were enacted to make politics more responsive to the public will?

  2. What reforms were enacted to limit the power of big business?

  3. What reforms were enacted to improve living conditions in the cities?

World War I

  1. Why did the us enter WW I?

  2. How did the us mobilize its economy, military, and people for the war?

  3. How did the war provide opportunities for minorities?

  4. Why did the US Senate reject the Versailles Treaty?


  1. What factors are responsible for the booming economy of the 1920s?

  2. Describe challenges to traditional practices in religion, race, and gender during the 20s.

  3. Explain the concept of a mass culture that developed in the 1920s.

World War II

  1. How did the US respond to the international crises of the 1930s?

  2. How did the Allies defeat Germany?

  3. How were minority groups impacted by the war?

  4. Why did the US use atomic weapons?

  5. Where and how does a Cold War develop?


  1. Why did the US get involved Vietnam?

  2. Why did Americans protest US involvement in Vietnam?

1. Explain different factors responsible for the Great Depression.

2. How did the role of government change during the depression?

3. Identify and explain major reforms enacted during the 1930s.


  1. Where and how was the US successful in containing communism?

  2. Where and how were African Americans successful in civil rights achievements?

  3. What factors are responsible for the booming economy of the 1950s?

  4. Identify social cultural challenges in the decade of the 50s.


  1. Why is the decade of the 1960s considered a liberal era?



  1. Why did the American people lose faith in their nation during the decade of the 1970s?

  2. Why did Cold War tensions decline in the 70s?


  1. How is the decade of the 80s a conservative period?

  2. Why did Cold War tensions increase in the 80s?

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