Possible Essay Questions for Exam II, fall 2013 Chapter 5

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Possible Essay Questions for Exam II, fall 2013

Chapter 5:

  1. What factors led to British defeat in the American Revolution?

Chapter 6:

  1. Describe the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. Why had the Articles been written that way?

  2. Did Shay’s Rebellion betray or uphold the spirit of the American Revolution?

Chapter 7:

  1. How did the conflicting views of Hamilton and Jefferson give rise to our first political parties?

  2. What role did foreign policy issues play in the bitter political polarization of the late 1790s?

  3. How did Hamilton justify the creation of the Bank of the United States, and how did he use the idea of implied powers as part of his argument?

Chapter 8:

  1. Why did the United States go to war with Britain in 1812? Which groups of people supported and opposed the war? Why?

  2. How well did the Americans fare militarily against the British during the War of 1812?

Chapter 9:

  1. How did the transportation revolution contribute to the development of a national market economy in the United States between 1810 and 1840?

  2. Detail the Missouri Compromise of 1820. What obstacles needed to be solved in order to complete the deal?

  3. What were the short- and long-term effects of the Monroe Doctrine?

***The three questions below are your choices for your Long Essay Question. You need to pick ONE of them to focus on and develop a well-written, well-developed essay. Please don’t forget an introduction, body, and conclusion. Finally, you MUST go back and read over your answer!!!

  1. How did the struggle between large and small states, and between northern and southern states, influence the character of the government established by the 1787 Constitution? (Be sure to discuss the various plans presented to the Convention, and the compromises reached.)

  2. Explain the conflict between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. How did it create permanent divisions in the political system?

  3. What is the long term significance of the Supreme Court's decision in the cases of Marbury v. Madison, Dartmouth College v. Woodward, and Gibbons v. Ogden, and how did this decision establish the principle of judicial review?

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