Position: security officer reporting to: line manager for specified site location: client site

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Purpose of the role: To provide an efficient and professional security service to Octavian’s clients as specified, demonstrating the highest levels of customer service.

  1. Control access and egress, utilising the equipment and systems provided

  2. Ensure clients’ staff, property and other assets are secure

  3. Answer all enquiries courteously and professionally

  4. Accurately operate designated alarm systems

  5. Monitor CCTV footage for protection of property and assets

  6. Complete the daily log, noting all appropriate activity

  7. Produce accurate reports as and when needed

  8. Conduct sufficient internal and external patrols to ensure security of all zones

  9. Ensure all procedures, site / assignment instructions and protocols are followed at all times; being particularly diligent when in an emergency situation

  10. Maintain tidy and clean work areas

  11. Be an effective ambassador for Octavian, always smart and diligent

The above duties are subject to additional duties as per the site’s Assignment Instructions, however in the event that there is a conflict of duties, the AIs will prevail.

Essential Requirements:

  • A current SIA Licence – Front Line, carried at all times on duty

  • Smart appearance, following the Octavian uniform requirements to the letter

  • Good verbal communication skills, pleasant manner, approachable, clearly spoken

  • Shows excellent customer care skills

  • Shows courtesy and respect for people at all times in all situations

  • Possesses computer literacy of at least a basic level

  • Demonstrates basic numeracy and literacy skills for following instructions and preparing reports

  • Demonstrates good observation skills

  • Remains calm under pressure

  • Always punctual and reliable

  • Demonstrates a flexible attitude to changing working hours and patterns

  • Must demonstrate understanding of Health & Safety requirements when handling and using machinery and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

  • Supports the team, giving assistance where possible

Desirable Requirements:

  • Previous working experience in the security industry

  • Full UK driving licence

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