Position Description Title: Cultural Safety Training and Development Officer Unit

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Position Description

Title: Cultural Safety Training and Development Officer
Unit: Sustainability and Business Unit
Salary: $xxx per annum, plus superannuation

VACCHO offers attractive salary packaging options

Reports To: Director, Sustainability and Business Unit
Employment Status: Full-time
Location: 17-23 Sackville Street, Collingwood 3066
Organisational Overview

VACCHO is Victoria’s peak representative Aboriginal health body and champions community control and health equality for Aboriginal communities. We are a centre of expertise, policy advice, training, innovation and leadership in Aboriginal health. VACCHO advocates for the health equality and optimum health of all Aboriginal people in Victoria.

VACCHO was established in 1996 and represents 27 Members. VACCHO is accountable to the Aboriginal community through our Membership. The majority of ACCHOs are multi-functional services with health as a key component of their role, although some solely specialise in health service delivery. By joining together under VACCHO’s umbrella, ACCHOs gain strength, share knowledge and speak with a united voice.

VACCHO builds upon the capacity of Members and advocates on their behalf to ensure the sustainability of Aboriginal community controlled health services. Membership capacity is built through strengthening support networks and partnerships, increasing professional development opportunities and developing leadership capability and good governance. Advocacy is carried out at state and national levels within the public, private and community sectors, on all issues relating to Aboriginal health, with the aim of improving services to Aboriginal people and achieving health equality.

VACCHO is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the Membership to represent ACCHOs across Victoria.

VACCHO Strategic Goals

  • Aboriginal Cultural Qualities

  • Quality Workforce

  • Quality Services

  • Quality Infrastructure

  • Quality policy development and advocacy

  • Quality Partnership & Networks

Unit Overview
The Sustainability and Business Unit aims to support the sustainability of the Aboriginal Community Controlled sector in Victoria through the following mechanisms:

  • Strengthening the organisational capacity of member organisations,

  • Development of resources to support organisational capacity and good business systems,

  • Facilitation and delivery of Aboriginal health training packages to agencies providing health services to Aboriginal people to ensure culturally appropriate health provision to Aboriginal people,

  • Provide fee-for-service cultural supervision services for non-Aboriginal organisations,

  • Further the business opportunities offered by broadening the scope of the VACCHO cultural safety program,

  • Make health service providers more accessible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by creating culturally safe and culturally friendly environments,

  • Business development of VACCHO member organisations including opportunities for shared procurement and partnerships,

  • Develop VACCHO’s capacity to build an economically sustainable business model which identifies revenue raising opportunities separate to the traditional internal revenue sources.

Role Overview
The purpose of this role is to assist in the development, coordination and facilitation of te CST training, learning materials and resources including the training of other facilitators to undertake the training.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Finalize the core Cultural Safety training package for VACCHO which will include:

    • Assist the Director of Sustainability and Business to complete the development of the training learning materials and resources, including facilitation guides to meet a range of training and learning models and approaches.

    • Developing additional modules as required enhancing the core package to represent unique local VACCHO members’ culture, history and needs.

    • Assist the Director of Sustainability and Business to implement a master training program for facilitators to enable ACCHO staff and community members to develop the skills and abilities to become presenters and facilitators of the Cultural Safety Program.

  2. Assist the Director of Sustainability and Business to coordinating all aspects of Cultural Safety training program delivery including:

  • Piloting and trialling the programs and resources

  • Marketing and promotional materials

  • resources, equipment and facilities

  • Appropriate staffing (eg other facilitators, subject matter experts and guest speakers).

  1. Co-ordinating, organising and delivering of workshops in ACCHO’s and other Aboriginal services as required. This may include facilitating and co-facilitation.

  2. Train and mentor other trainers within the ACCHOs to be able to deliver the VACCHO workshops.

  3. Effectively market workshops, forums & events and undertake event management responsibilities.

  4. Assist with the completion of participant evaluation forms from all workshops and report on findings.

  5. Undertake other duties which are appropriate to the level of the position, as directed by the Director to meet unit objectives.

Key Standards Required Within VACCHO
VACCHO requires all employees to comply with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and all the rules, regulations and relevant Codes of Practice.

VACCHO is a Smoke Free Workplace.

Equal Employment Opportunity
VACCHO is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply. Selection will be based on assessing an employee’s future capabilities alongside the skills, knowledge, past performance and other personal qualities relevant to the initial work assignment.
VACCHO has adopted the ISO 9001 quality improvement standard as its accreditation benchmark and is committed to maintaining ISO 9001 accreditation as its benchmark for quality systems. 
All Employees are required to participate in the continuous improvement at VACCHO and are required to understand and perform their responsibilities in relation to quality in their daily work and to ensure compliance with statutory and quality related requirements.
Statement of Principles, Values and Ethics
All employees are expected to adhere to VACCHO’s core values and principles:

  • Empowerment

  • Respect

  • Confidentiality

  • Teamwork/collaboration

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Compassion

  • Optimism

Other Employment Related Information

  • A current Victorian Drivers Licence is required

  • Some travel will be required

Key Selection Criteria

  • Understanding of, and commitment to Victorian Aboriginal culture and a commitment to the concept and practice of Aboriginal community control and self-determination.

  • Demonstrated understanding of and ability to work with Aboriginal organisations, communities, and individuals.

  • Demonstrated understanding of cultural awareness issues as it relates to Aboriginal communities and individuals

  • Highly developed written and oral communication skills including the ability to write quality learning and development materials, reports, and correspondence.

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills are required to liaise with a wide range of people including development and design and subject matter experts

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of business models, and marketing strategies

  • Experience in the co-ordination and facilitation of learning programs that meet participant and organisational needs.

  • Ability to identify and solve problems and provide appropriate recommendations.

  • Self-motivated and proven ability to work independently as well as within a team, working collaboratively to achieve goals.

  • Sound organisation and time management skills, including ability to plan and organise workload to ensure outcomes are achieved, prioritise multiple tasks and work to deadlines.

Position Description Acceptance
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