Pope: Roman Catholic 'Church' only one true church

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[ CCL Note: the Protestant Reformation birthed the Lutheran, Anglican, and Presbyterian

denominations, and later the Methodists. The Baptists were not an off-shoot of the

Reformation, but under various names, Bible-believing "baptist" Christians had existed

since the beginning of the church that the Lord Jesus Christ (Y'shua Messiah) founded

through His ministry on earth, that was birthed in Holy Ghost power at Pentecost in 33 AD.

Despite the claims of Rome to the contrary, the false religion of Roman Catholicism was not

the church that Jesus Christ (Y'shua Messiah) founded, and even with the persecution

of Bible-believing "baptist" [non-infant-baptizing] Christians by Romanists, the true church

has existed in continuity since the day of Pentecost ! Hallelu-Yah ! ]


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