Policy Vocab & Statutes apg economic & Regulatory Policy: Public policy

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Briones Policy Vocab & Statutes APG

Economic & Regulatory Policy:

  1. Public policy – A specific course of action taken by government to achieve a public goal.

  2. Policy agenda – The informal list of issues that Congress and the president consider most important for action.

  3. Distributive policy – A type of policy that provides benefits to all Americans.

  4. Redistributive policy – A type of policy that takes benefits (usually through taxes) from one group of Americans and gives them to another (usually through spending).

  5. Rule – The precise legal definition of how government will implement a policy.

  6. Iron triangle – A policy-making alliance that involves a very strong ties among a congressional committee, an interest group, and a Federal Department or agency.

  7. Issue network – A policy-making alliance among loosely connected participants that comes together on a particular issue, then disbands.

  8. Fiscal policy – Government policy that attempts to manage the economy by controlling taxing and spending.

  9. Directory: cms -> lib2 -> TX01001591 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 29885
    Domain -> Dramatic shift in American Society which spawned numerous changes to the status quo, though in some cases this idealistic outpouring of principles was tempered
    Domain -> In 2004, some 180 married couples in Beijing, China, stood before a picture of their country’s ancient sage, Confucius, and took an oath, pledging fidelity to each other and promising never to divorce
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    Domain -> Project: the trial of andrew jackson
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    29885 -> Guide to Basics

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