Policy 5: Immigration Rights & Responsibilities of all Canadians

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Policy 5: Immigration
Rights & Responsibilities of all Canadians
Canada is filled with culture, from our own beginnings here in Canada and from those who have come abroad to start a new life here. We stay true to the constitution that everyone has their fundamental freedoms: freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association.
In this family of Canada that we can become, we value each other in respect, peace, love and equality welcoming those who wish to be in this family framework. As such they will be given respect, love, peace and equality as it will be asked of them.
But freedom does not mean we can do what we want without taking into consideration the consequences of our actions. If our freedom of religion, expression, thought or belief infringes on the rights of others: whether it be in disrespecting women, disrespecting the family, putting yourself and others in danger, or thinking you have dominion over someone (race, gender or creed), it is then the cost is too great. To explain: We believe in rights and freedoms but when that right disrespects another it is then that respect overrides freedom. Abuse of any kind towards the family, women or children, will not be tolerated, no matter the religion or non-religion.
With absolute freedom comes responsibility and respect of others. When you are a citizen or wish to be a citizen of this nation, Canada, you exercise your right to these freedoms, but you are also taking into consideration the wellbeing of each citizen, whether they are your family, friend or neighbour. We are all equal and together we can learn from one another to become a stronger family.
Equal Opportunity & Respect for All
We welcome all minorities, to share their culture and skills with us, as we share ours with them. Together we will create a productive nation, a land of rich cultures and diversity built on mutual respect. Everyone will have work, dignity and the pleasure to live a life that they could build without limitation. Through respect of each other, we will work together and show surpluses that have never been seen before in the provinces, territories or in the nation.

Everyone will have the opportunity to rebuild their lives: those we label as ‘mentally ill’, those we label as ‘criminals’, and all those we label as ‘lesser’ than ourselves. For example, the high cost of ‘criminality’, caring for the ‘mentally ill’, caring for all ‘lesser’ (seniors, ‘welfare cases’, ‘addicts’ etc.) will be reduced by restructuring the family value and perhaps for the first time, for those who have never known family values because of the lack of respect for the family.  And in such, open the doors by becoming the fathers of this confederation to be the parents of Canada; whether the people are Inuit, Aboriginal, French, English or any nationality that has sought from this nation, a dream, a possibility.  You cannot build a nation without a family structure for all people. 


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