Policy 01 Plan Region 3 Developmental Disabilities Administration (dda) and Makah Tribe 2014-2015 Update

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Policy 7.01 Plan

Region 3 Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Makah Tribe

2014-2015 Update

Implementation Plan

Progress Report

(1) Goals/Objectives

(2) Activities

(3) Expected Outcome

(4) Lead Staff and Target Date

(5) Status Update for the Fiscal Year
Starting Last July 1

1.Ensure the Makah Tribe has information available for services and support.

DDA will meet quarterly with the Makah Tribe to schedule a review of the 7.01 Plan.
The designated local DDA liaison will participate in meetings as requested by the Tribe.
Promote local collaboration between the Tribe and DDA
As requested by the Tribe, DDA staff will provide training and education regarding DDA programs and services

The Makah Tribal members will have the opportunity to apply and receive services as Tribal member DDA eligibility is identified.

DDA Regional Administrator (RA) and DDA Quality Assurance (QA) Manager
Will meet in:

January 2015

April 2014

July 2014

October 2014
DDA local Tribal


Tobias Clawson
Tribal Representatives

No reportable activities for 2012-13

2. Provide written information about DDA services to all Tribes at least annually.

Region 3 DDA will send a formal letter to the Tribal Chair with copies to the Social Services Director and to the Office of Indian Policy, including:

  • Current brochures describing DDA services;

  • A current list of Region 3 DDA staff designated as Tribal liaisons, including staff telephone numbers and email addresses.

Information about DDA services and local contacts will be available to the Tribe on an ongoing basis.

DDA Regional QA Manager will send out on an annual basis.

Information was shared in the 7.01 meeting on 2/3/2014 the designated Tribal members received updated information including contacts.

3. Facilitate employment opportunities within DDA for Tribal members.

Send ongoing emails to Tribal designated representatives concerning job announcements

Ongoing opportunity for Tribal members to apply for DDA positions.

Increased diversity within the DDA workforce.

DDA Regional Administrative Assistant


4. Promote cultural awareness and sensitivity by all DDA staff.

Ensure DDA staff attends Government-to-Government and Centennial Accord training as appropriate.

Participate in cultural sensitivity training offered by the Tribe.

Consult the Tribe’s website to increase awareness of Tribal culture and events.

At the request of the Tribe DDA liaison will participate in the Makah Annual Tribal Health Fairs.

DDA staff will be available to the Makah Tribe to learn their history as opportunity and training is provided by the Tribe.

Designated Tribal representatives, local Tribal liaisons, and regional DDA staff.

DDA Region 3 is currently assessing training needs for its staff and plans to ensure that needed training occurs in 2014-15.

5. Ensure that the Tribe is made aware of trainings available through DDA.

Send a quarterly email to Tribal designated representatives concerning training and job announcements

Ongoing opportunities for Tribal members to be aware of and participate in relevant DDA trainings.

QA manager or designee

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