Pol. Sci. 121 Government and Politics of the Middle East

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Israel and Zionism

Arian, Asher (Alan), and Michael Shamir, eds. The Elections in Israel (1996)

Arian, Asher and Michael Shamir, eds. The Elections in Israel (1999)

Arian, Asher. The Second Republic: Politics in Israel

Avineri, Shlomo. The Making of Modern Zionism: The Intellectual Origins of the Jewish State

Avishai, Bernard. The Tragedy of Zionism: Revolution and Democracy in the Land of Israel

Begin, Menachem. The Revolt

Ben-Eliezer, Uri. The Making of Israeli Militarism

Ben-Gurion, David. Israel: A Personal History

Ben-Porat, Guy. Between State and Synagogue: The Secularization of Contemporary Israel

Benvenisti, Meron. Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948

Cohen, Avner. Israel and the Bomb

Danon, Danny. Israel: the Will to Survive

Dowty, Alan. The Jewish State: A Century Later

Bligh, Alexander, ed. The Israeli Palestinians

Eban, Abba. My Country; the Story of Modern Israel

Eban, Abba. Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes

Efron, Noah J. Real Jews: Secular vs. Ultra-Orthodox and the Struggle for Jewish Identity in Israel

Elath, Eliyahu. Zionism at the UN

Evron, Boas. Jewish State or Israeli Nation?

Freilich, Charles D. Zion’s Dilemma: How Israel Makes National Security Policy

Gilbert, Martin. Israel: A History

Gilbert, Martin. Exile and Return

Goldberg, David J. To The Promised Land: A History of Zionist Thought

Gordis, Daniel. The Promise of Israel: Why its Seemingly Greatest Weakness is Actually its Greatest Strength

Goldscheider, Calvin. Israel’s Changing Society: Population, Ethnicity, and Development (Second Edition)

Gorenberg, Gershom. The Unmaking of Israel

Grossman, David. Sleeping on a Wire: Conversations with Palestinians in Israel

Grossman, David. Death as a Way of Life: Israel Ten Years After Oslo

Halpern, Ben. The Idea of the Jewish State

Hazan, Reuven Y., and Moshe Maor. Parties, Politics, and Cleavages: Israel in Comparative and Theoretical Perspective (Israel Affairs, VI, 2, Winter 1999). Includes an essay by Arend Lijphart and others comparing Israel to other “Consensual” and “Majoritarian” Democracies

Hazony, Yoram. The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel’s Soul.

Herzl, Theodor. The Jewish State

Hertzberg, Arthur, ed.. The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis and Reader

Korn, Dani, ed. Public Policy in Israel.

Kretzmer, David. The Legal Status of the Arabs in Israel

Kretzmer, David. The Occupation of Justice: The Supreme Court of Israel and the Occupied Territories

Jones, Clive and Emma C. Murphy. Israel: Challenges to Identity, Democracy and the State

Laqueur, Walter. A History of Zionism

Mahler, Gregory S. Politics and Government in Israel

O’Brien, Conor Cruise. The Siege: The Saga of Israel and Zionism

Peretz, Don and Gideon Doron. The Government and Politics of Israel (3rd ed. 1997)

Reinharz, Jehuda. Chaim Weizmann: The Making of a Zionist Leader

Rodgers, Peter. Herzl’s Nightmare: One Land, Two Peoples

Sachar, Howard M. A History of Israel

Safran, Nadav. Israel, The Embattled Ally

Schneer, Jonathan. The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Segal, Jerome M. et al. Negotiating Jerusalem

Shafir, Gershon. The New Israel: Peacemaking and Liberalization

Shafir, Gershon, and Yoav Peled. Being Israeli: The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship

Shafir, Gershon and Yoav Peled. The New Israel: Peacemaking and Liberalization

Sharkansky, Ira. Ambiguity, Coping, and Governing: Israeli Experience in Politics, Religion, and Policymaking

Sharkansky, Ira. The Political Economy of Israel

Sharkansky, Ira. Rituals of Conflict: Religion, Politics, and Public Policy in Israel

Shimoni, Gideon. The Zionist Ideology

Silberstein, Laurence J., ed. The Postzionism Debates

Spiro, Melford. Kibbutz: Venture in Utopia

Stein, Leonard. The Balfour Declaration

Sykes, Christopher. Crossroads to Israel 1917-1948.

Syrkin, Marie. Golda Meir: Woman With a Cause

Taub, Gadi. The Settlers: and the Struggle over the Meaning of Zionism

Tyler, Patrick. Fortress Israel: The Inside Story of the Military Elite Who Run the Country – and Why They Can’t Make Peace

Weizmann, Chaim. Trial and Error

Wheatcroft, Geoffrey. The Controversy of Zion: Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State and the Unresolved Jewish Dilemma

Palestinian Arabs

Abu-Amr, Ziad. Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza

Aburish, Said K. Arafat

Amiry, Suad. Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Ramallah Diaries

Bowker, Robert. Palestinian Refugees: Mythology, Identity, and the Search for Peace

Bucaille, Laetitia. Growing Up Palestinian: Israeli Occupation and the Intifada Generation

Cobban, Helena. The Palestine Liberation Organization

Cobham, David and Nu’man Kanafani. The Economics of Palestine: Economic Policy and Institutional Reform for a Viable Palestine

Dumper, Michael, ed. Palestinian Refugee Repatriation: Global Perspectives

Farsoun, Samih and Christina E. Zacharia. Palestine and the Palestinians

Farsoun, Samih. Culture and Customs of the Palestinians

Frisch, Hillel. Countdown to Statehood: Palestinian State Formation in the West Bank and Gaza

Gompert, David et al. Building a Successful Palestinian State

Hart, Alan. Arafat; A Political Biography

Hass, Amira. Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege

Hatina, Meir. Islam and Salvation in Palestine: The Islamic Jihad Movement

Hilterman, Joost. Behind the Intifada: Labor and Women’s Movements in the Occupied Territories

Hroub, Khaled. Hamas

Karsh, Ephraim. Palestine Betrayed

Khalidi, Rashid. Palestinian Identity: the Construction of Modern National Consciousness

Khan, Mushtaq Husai. State Formation in Palestine: Viability and Governance During a Social Transformation

Lesch, Anne Mosely. Arab Politics in Palestine 1917-39

Lesch, Anne Mosely. Transition to Palestinian Self-Government

Louer, Laurence. To Be An Arab in Israel

Mandel, Neville. The Arabs and Zionism before World War I

Massad, Joseph. The Persistence of the Palestinian Question: Essays on Zionism and the Palestinians

Mattar, Philip. Mufti of Jerusalem: Al Hajj Amin al-Hussayni and the Palestine National Movement

Mattar, Philip, ed. Encyclopedia of the Palestinians

Mishal, Shaul and Abraham Sela. The Palestinian Hamas: Vision, Violence and Coexistence

Nassar, Jamal R. and Roger Heacock, eds. Intifada: Palestine at the Crossroads

Nasser, Riad M. Palestinian Identity in Jordan and Israel

Nusseibeh, Sari. What is a Palestinian State Worth?

Parsons, Nigel Craig. The Politics of the Palestinian Authority: From Oslo to Al-Aqsa

Porath, Yehoshuah. The Emergence of the Palestinian-Arab Nationalist Movement 1919-1929

Porath, Yehoshua. The Palestinian Arab National Movement 1929-1939

Quandt, William B., Fuad Jabber, and Ann Mosely Lesch, The Politics of Palestinian Nationalism

RAND Corporation Palestinian State Study Team. Building a Successful Palestinian State; The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State; Helping a Palestinian State: Key Findings; Strengthening the Palestinian Health System; Building a Successful Palestinian State: Security

Robinson, Glenn E. Building a Palestinian State: The Incomplete Revolution

Rubenberg, Cheryl A. The Palestinians: In Search of a Just Peace

Rubin, Barry. The Transformation of Palestinian Politics: From Revolution to State-Building.

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