Pol. Sci. 121 Government and Politics of the Middle East

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Baakalini, Aldo, Guilain Denoeux, and Robert Springborg. Legislative Politics in the Arab World

Beinen, Joel and Frederic Vairel, eds. Social Movements, Mobilization, and Contestation in the Middle East and North Africa

Brynen, Rex, Baghat Korany, and Paul Noble, eds. Political Liberalization and Democratization in the Arab World (vol. I, Theoretical Perspectives; vol. 2, Comparative Experiences

Cleveland, William. A History of the Modern Middle East

Cook, Michael: The Koran: A Very Short Introduction

Cook, Michael and Patricia Crone. Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World

Crone, Patricia. Slaves on Horses: the Evolution of the Islamic Polity.

Duran, Khalid. Children of Abraham: An Introduction to Islam for Jews

Encyclopedia of Islam

Esposito, John. What Everybody Needs to Know About Islam

Freedom House. Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa (report on 19 countries)

Fromkin, David. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East

Goldschmidt, Arthur, Jr. A Concise History of the Middle East (Seventh Edition)

Harrison, Lawrence and Samuel P. Huntington, eds. Culture Matters

Henry, Clement M. and Robert Springborg, eds. Globalization and the Politics of Development in the Middle East

Hoge, James F., Jr. and Gideon Rose, eds. How Did This Happen? Terrorism and the New War

Hourani, Albert et al., eds. The Modern Middle East

Howard, Philip N. The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Information Technology and Political Islam

Huntington, Samuel P. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

Irwin, Robert. Dangerous Knowledge. (See Said, Orientalism.)

Jabar, Faleh and Hosham Dawood, eds. Tribes and Power: Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Middle East

Karsh, Efraim. Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1787-1923.

Karsh, Efraim. Rethinking the Middle East

Kedourie, Elie. Democracy and Arab Political Culture

Kedourie. Elie. Politics in the Middle East

Kepel, Gilles. Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: the Future of the Middle East

Koonings, Kees and Dirk Kruijt, eds. Political Armies: The Military and Nation Building in the Age of Democracy [includes discussion of Turkey and Algeria]

The Koran (trans. N.J. Dawood; Penguin)

Kramer, Martin. Sandstorm. (See Said, Orientalism.)

Lakoff, Sanford. Democracy: History, Theory, Practice

Lakoff, Sanford, “Democracy,” Encyclopedia of Nationalism (Volume I)

Lakoff, Sanford. Ten Political Ideas that have Shaped the Modern World

Lapidus, Ira. A History of Islamic Societies

Laqueur, Walter and Yonah Alexander, eds. The Terrorism Reader

Laqueur, Walter. The Age of Terrorism

Lewis, Bernard. The Middle East: 2000 Years of History from the Rise of Christianity to the Present Day

Lewis, Bernard. Notes on a Century: Reflections of a Middle East Historian

Lijphart, Arend, Patterns of Democratic Government

Lockman, Zachary. Contending Visions of the Middle East: The History and Politics of Orientalism

Long, David E. and Bernard Reich, eds. The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Meriweather, Margaret Lee and Judith E. Tucker. A Social History of Women and Gender in the Modern Middle East

Meyer, Karl E. and Shareen Blair Brysac. Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East

Niblock, Tim, and Rodney Wilson, eds. The Political Economy of the Middle East (six volumes)

Norris, Pippa, and Ronald Inglehart. Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Pappe, Ilan. The Modern Middle East

Quandt, William. The Middle East: Ten Years After Camp David

Nisan, Mordechai. Minorities in the Middle East: A History of Struggle and Self-Expression

Richards, Alan and John Waterbury. A Political Economy of the Middle East

Rueschmeyer, Dietrich et al., Capitalist Development and Democracy

Sachar, Howard M. The Emergence of the Middle East 1914-1924

Sadiki, Larb. Rethinking Arab Democratization

Said, Edward. Orientalism. (See for counter-views, Kramer, Sandstorm, and Irwin, Dangerous Knowledge.

Sharabi, Hisham. Government and Politics of the Middle East in the Twentieth Century

Sick, Gary G. and Lawrence G. Potter, eds. The Persian Gulf at the Millennium: Essays in Politics, Economy, Security, and Religion

Tanter, Raymond. Rogue Regimes: Terrorism and Proliferation

Tolan, John, Gilles Veinstein and Henry Laurens. Europe and the Islamic World: A History

Wistrich, Robert. Anti-Semitism


Foreign Affairs; The Middle East Contemporary Survey (annual);Middle East Journal; International Journal of Middle East Studies; Israel Studies; Jerusalem Report; Journal of Democracy; Middle Eastern Studies; Muslim World Journal of Human Rights; The Jerusalem Quarterly; The Journal of Palestinian Studies; Arab Reform Bulletin (available online at www.ceip.org/ArabReform)

Newspapers: Ha’aretz (Israel) and the Jerusalem Post (Israel) are accessible free via the internet, as are The Daily Star (Lebanon) and al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt). Selected translations from Arab media are provided on MEMRI.com.

The Arabs

Ajami, Fouad. The Arab Predicament: Arab Political Thought and Practice Since 1967

Ajami, Fouad. The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generation’s Odyssey

Antonius, George. The Arab Awakening

Dawisha, Adeed. Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century

Doumato, Eleanor A. and Marsha P. Pososny, eds. Women and Globalization in the Arab Middle East

Field, Michael. Inside the Arab World

Gelvin, James L. The Arab Uprisings

Hitti, Philip. The Arabs: A Short History

Hourani, Albert. A History of Arab Peoples

Hudson, Michael. Arab Politics: The Search for Legitimacy

Kerr, Malcolm. The Arab Cold War, 1958-1964; A Study of Ideology in Politics

Khalidi, Rashid. The Origins of Arab Nationalism

Kimche, David. The Second Arab Awakening

Laqueur, Walter. The Israel-Arab Reader.

Lynch, Marc. The Arab Uprising: The Unfinished Revolutions of the Middle East

Lust, Ellen and Lina Khatib, eds., Taking It to the Streets: Activism, Arab Uprisings, and Democracy

McMurray, David and Amanda Ufheil-Somers, eds.The Arab Revolts: Dispatches on Militant Democracy in the Middle East

Merlini, Cesare and Olivier Roy, eds. Arab Society in Revolt 

Polk, William. The Arab World Today

Pryce-Jones, David. The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs

Springborg, Patricia. Western Republicanism and the Oriental Prince

Tibi, Bassam. Arab Nationalism: Between Islam and the Nation-State (third edition)

Viorst, Milton. Sandcastles: the Arabs in Search of the Modern World

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