Poetry before and after World War II experimental Poetry

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Poetry before and after World War II

Experimental Poetry

  • Already after 1850: tendency to write for a limited group of cognoscenti rather than for the public

  • Symbolist era of the 1890s

  • This tendency rose to a second climax in the period following the First World War

  • Poetry tended to become the exclusive possession of schools, movements and cults, each self-sufficient, believing to be in the vanguard of modern literature

  • The poetry produced by these various groups shares one quality: it is never obvious and it is quite difficult or esoteric

  • It is generally the product of highly educated poets who have a wide background in languages, lit. history and philosophy

  • The most prominent influence on this entire movement is that of the Symbolist school

  • From this school the moderns borrowed their interest in sensory associations, which they further refined by the addition of modern Freudian and Jungian psychology.

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