Poetry and Paragraphs: a 16-Week Course of Integrated Literature, Research, and Paragraph Writing for Middle School and Early High School

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In-Class Exercise

Here’s a simple exercise to help you understand the difference between abstract and imaginary. Take out your pencils and drawing paper. On one side of the page, draw a winged rat. Winged rats meet the definitions of imaginary (because they haven’t ever really existed) and concrete (because we can describe them with colors, shapes, textures, etc.).

Now, next to the winged rat, draw love. Wait! What does love look like? You might have drawn a mother staring at her baby or a heart, both common symbols of love, but you can’t draw love. Love meets the definition of abstract because we can’t describe it with colors, shapes, textures, or other sensory details. We have to resort to providing examples or making symbols.
Now, read Psalms 1:3 and list the abstract and concrete nouns used in the poem.

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