Poetry and Paragraphs: a 16-Week Course of Integrated Literature, Research, and Paragraph Writing for Middle School and Early High School

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Homework Day 1

Use the library or Internet to find and read ONE poem or song by ONE of the following poets:

Jack Prelutzky

Lewis Carroll

Valerie Bloom

Shel Silverstein

Christina Rossetti

Laura Elzabeth Richards

Julia Ward Howe

Emily Dickinson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Katherine Lee Bates

Phyllis Wheatley

Paul Laurence Dunbar

James Whitcomb Riley

Hillaire Belloc
Copy your poem into the Copywork section of your notebook. In the homework section of your notebook, respond to the following prompts about the poem you selected:
List 2 images (colors, shapes, sizes) mentioned in the poem or song.

List 2 examples of interesting or surprisingly original language.

Write down any made-up words or other word-play (rhyme, repeated consonants, striking word combinations).

Note the main idea of the poem. Is the poem about language, God, the human condition, or some other “big” idea?

Does the poem use humor? Try to describe what makes the poem funny.
Homework Day 2

Use the library, the Internet, or a family study Bible to find information about one ancient poem (written before 1000 a. d.). Write a short paragraph telling your family or class about your chosen poem. Consider including information about the writer, the style of writing, the content, plot, or meaning of the poem, the time and place the poem was written, and how the poem influences culture today (songs, movies, television shows, churches, etc.).

Some Ancient Poems:

The Iliad

The Odyssey



The Song of the Nibenglungs (Niebenlungenleid)

Any Viking Saga (pick one!)

Ovid’s Transformations (pick one with the help of an adult—some mature material)

The Song of Songs (Song of Solomon)

The Psalms (pick one!)

Homework Day 3

PART 1: Revise your paragraph using the following criteria:

My paragraph has a title

My name and the date appear in the top RIGHT corner

My paragraph has a topic sentence

My paragraph contains at least 3 supporting details

My paragraph contains at least 4 sentence if am 10, and one more for each additional year of age

My paragraph is free of errors in spelling/apostrophe use

My paragraph contains no more than 2 forms of “to be”

My paragraph contains no errors in grammar

Keep revising until all of the grading criteria are met.

PART 2: Copy these terms and definitions into the Notes section of your notebook:

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