Poetry and Paragraphs: a 16-Week Course of Integrated Literature, Research, and Paragraph Writing for Middle School and Early High School

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Homework Days 1 and 2

Research one of the following poets and write a one-paragraph biography. Despite what I implied in the title of this chapter, not all famous poets are poor, so don't make any assumptions until you do your research.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Robert Browning

Emily Dickinson

John Keats

Ann Bradstreet

Phillis Wheatley

Henry Longfellow
Homework Day 3
Revise your paragraph using the following criteria:
My paragraph has a title

My name and the date appear in the top RIGHT corner

My paragraph has a topic sentence

My paragraph contains at least 3 supporting details

My paragraph contains at least 5 sentences if am 10, and one more for each additional year of age (mamimum 10 sentences)

My paragraph is free of errors in spelling/apostrophe use

My paragraph contains no more than 2 forms of “to be”

My paragraph contains no errors in grammar

Continue revising until your paragraph meets all of the grading criteria.
Copy at least 3 lines of the poem you wrote about into your notebook, along with information about the source (author, book title, etc.).
Make sure that you like the lines you copy. Older students should copy more than three lines! Add 2 lines for each year of age past 10.

Week 9: Poems of the Poor But Famous

Read the biography report to your family members during your class meeting.

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