Poet Teaching Math and History

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Poet Teaching Math and History

By Taylor Mali
I’m the one they come to when they need to know

if history is positive or negative,

if math rhymes,

if poetry is odd or if it's just poets who are.

Because those that do not know poetry

will be doomed to repeat it.

Pop Quiz:

Who won the Battle of the Imagination?

What makes people think π is easy?

True or False: Power corrupts and metaphoric

power corrupts metaphorically.

How many poems were martyred in the Coliseum,

fed to ferocious perpendicular lions?

Do equilateral triangles ever fall in love with squares?

Take all the problems in the world.


Be sure to calculate your answer in number sentences.
Word Problem:

If an elephant begins crossing the Alps going south

while at the exact same time the number 5 begins

writing a metaphor in the opposite direction,

how long will it take for the word love

to round itself off to the nearest poem?

Extra Credit Question:

What's b plus b? (2b)

That's not the question. What's 2b times 2? (4b)

What's 4b x 11c? (44bc)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen;

Show none of your work all of the time

because all of life's a make-up test,

and all roads lead to rhyme.

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