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Media Release

27 April 2006
Photography is a masterful storyteller capable of capturing the essence and identity of a community in a moment of time. The Auckland Festival of Photography is proud to reflect IDENTITY in its 2006 programme by examining the environment, the structures within it and the people who bring it to life.
The striking images that record changing environments feature in three festival exhibitions, the first of which THE DARKNESS I FELL FOR follows the work of Sri Lankan photographer Duleep Samarasinghe, who has over the last two years has documented the historical and modern architecture of the city by streetlight. Joined by special guest photographer Harvey Benge, INSIDE NORTH SHORE combines the work of both emerging and established photographers to explore the status of a growing urban sprawl. Finally the exhibition which reflects the identity of one of Auckland’s most celebrated natural environments. LION ROCK NOT draws on the talent of local artists to capture the beauty of the Wild West Coast and Waitakere region in everything but their most photographed Icon - Lion Rock.
The structures that fill the spaces we inhabit and leave behind are the subject of a collection of exhibitions in this years programme. Paying tribute to designers of the past and the wonders of oxidization RUST showcases the work of Auckland Photo Day runner up in 2004 and 2005 – Martin Horspool. Caravans, valiants and other 60’s relics that pay homage to kiwi culture find home in the unusual exhibition space created by an inner city paint shop. Similarly, another structure commonly found at the centre of the community is the public swimming pool, a subject which became part of an ongoing photographic survey by artist Vanessa Hughes. Exhibiting at Auckland’s Tepid Baths SWIMMING POOL is a collection of these images which look beyond the functional to reveal the allure, beauty and unique sense of character that these precious archives create. Finally the exhibition that takes a trip into the far corners of the urban landscape, a place where identity is in transition, allowing room for alternative culture. TERRAIN VAGUE features the work of leading photographers that include Harvey Benge, Greta Anderson, Marcus Williams and Karen Crisp.
Those that fill these spaces and wear their unique identities are the people. Highlighting the diversity of these individuals are three exhibitions, the first of which explores the changing face of the urban Maori. Rochelle Huia Smith and Vicky Thomas draw on their own bicultural heritage for YOU TELL ME exhibiting at Kura Gallery. In AREA No 12, Mount Roskill artist, Debbie Rankin also draws on her unique heritage in a series of images using her own image to comment on Western Societies commonly fraudulent representation of the hybrid identity.
And finally, the premiere festival event that captures the vitality of one of Auckland’s fastest growing communities- LANTERN. The spectacle of colour and life on offer at The 2006 Asia NZ Chinese Lantern Festival became the platform for photographers to submit images for inclusion in a public exhibition at The Aotea Centre from the 3rd of June. With hundreds of entries received, all of an exceptionally high standard this exhibition is sure to offer a stunning representation of this vibrant Auckland community.
The Auckland Festival of Photography runs 2nd to 24th of June. All events are free to the public.
For more information and the full programme visit the website:

For media enquiries contact publicist Michelle Lafferty

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Creative Exposure Festival 2006 is supported by Adshel, ASIA NZ Foundation, North Shore City Council, Creative Communities, Community Organisation Grants Scheme, Waitakere City Council, Nikon Camera, NZ Community Trust, Triangle TV, Lion Foundation, Philips, The Trusts, Pub Charity, Auckland City Hobson, Western Bays and The ASB Community Trust.

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