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Vstupní test prosím vyplňte bez použití slovníku a jakýchkoliv dalších pomůcek.

  1. Where can you see these notices?

(Otázky 1-5 tvoří krátké nápisy a upozornění. Rozhodněte, kde je možné tyto nápis vidět a zvolte možnosti A, B nebo C


    1. in a restaurant

    2. on a bus

    3. on a train


    1. in a cinema

    2. in a supermarket

    3. in a bank


    1. on the street

    2. in a school building

    3. at a car park


    1. at a music school

    2. at the airport

    3. on the street


    1. on a can of coke

    2. on a computer

    3. on some medicine

  1. Complete this text with the following options A, B, C or D.

(Vynechaná místa v textech doplňte možnostmi A, B, C, D.


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a popular tourist destination. There are (6)________ 1 million people living in Prague but more (7)_______ 10 million tourists visit the city every year. They come from all (8) _______ the world but most of (9) _______ are from Germany, Great Britain and Russia. The most popular tourist attraction last year (10) _______ Charles Bridge, which was visited by as many as 4 million people.

6. A more B about C until D number

7. A that B than C then D them

8. A of B almost C over D about

9. A them B their C you D that

10. A be B got C come D was

Low-cost Airlines
When I was staying in Dublin as an exchange student in late 1990s, I decided to (11) _______ a trip to London (12) _______ Ray Brown, the legendary jazz bass player. The ticket for the concert was quite expensive for me and I was looking for the cheapest (13) _______ of getting there. I wanted to take a bus and a ferry, but to my surprise, the price for this journey would have been (14) _______ more expensive than going by plane. So I booked a flight with an Irish low-cost airline. The price was so low that some of my friends thought the company would be using some old rusty planes that we will crash 10 minutes after the take off. However, the journey was one of the most pleasant travel experiences I (15) _______ ever had. The plane was brand new, the staff was very friendly and the plane arrived in London in time.

11. A made B take C go D come
12. A for see B for to see C to see D seeing
13. A journey B travel C ticket D way
14. A much B very C many D too
15. A did B never C had D was

Kennedy’s Victory
Television has become part of our everyday lives and companies are well aware of its power and that's why it is one of the most popular marketing tools today. However in the 1960s companies and politicians didn't think it was (16) _______ important.
When Richard Nixon was preparing for the first (17) _______ televised US election debate against J.F. Kennedy during the presidential campaign in 1960, he was very self-confident and was probably quite convinced that he would beat his young opponent.

(18) _______ Kennedy hired a whole team of advisors and consultants and spent weeks preparing for the debate, Nixon didn’t think much of the whole thing. This proved to (19) _______ a big mistake, Nixon unshaven and with an injured leg was shown looking tense and uncomfortable. This debate is now thought to be one of the most important in political history and was the start (20)_________ JFK's rise in popularity and his ultimate election win.

16. A as B such C so D to

17. A even B ever C actual D on

18. A While B When C Despite D Although

19. A make B cause C create D be

20. A of B off C from D about

  1. Complete the following sentences choosing A, B, C or D.

(Doplňte následující věty z možností A, B, C nebo D.

21. Pierre was really _______ about his birthday party

A excited B exciting C excitedly D excitingly

22. I can't come out tonight I have to stay at home and look ______ my little brother.

A for B around C at D after

23. Jan didn’t turn up last night. That’s a bit strange. She __________ really tired.

A had to be B must have been C would be D should been

24. What are you _______ at university

A to study B study C studying D studied

25. This computer works much _______ with the new operating system.

A fast B fastest C more fast D faster

26. What time is your plane due to ______ off?

A get B come C take D fly

27. It took me several days _____ used to the time change.

A to be B to get C to D to do

28. She went to the doctor and he gave her a ______ for some antibiotics.

A recipe B receipt C prescription D ticket

29. The meeting went on for three hours because problems kept _______ up.

A coming B getting C raising D growing

30. Take sun screen, the weather at this time of year is ________ boiling.

A too much B very C absolutely D completely

31. You really _______ eat so much chocolate. It is bad for your teeth.

A couldn't B shouldn't C mustn't D needn't

32. I don't know why he likes her, she is _______ attractive nor intelligent!

A not B neither C either D both
33. Is it midnight already? I must go. I didn’t _____________ how late it was.
A realise B remark C observe D recognise

34. Would you mind _____________ me your camera this weekend? I’ll be careful with it.

A to borrow B to lend C using D lending

35. I can’ believe you sat next to my cousin on the plane. What a/an __________ !

A coincidence B accident C probability D possibility

36. Due to financial problems 14 people were made _______ .

A inordinate B unrequited C redundant D unemployed

37. Although it was the best school in the county it had a very high _______ of teenage pregnancies.

A coincidence B incidence C incident D incentive

38. The students ________ all expectations with their outstanding performance of Hamlet

A impressed B passed C surpassed D outperformed

39. Management want to know whether you will agree _______ the pay reductions.

A to B by C about D in

40. Jamie seems to have ________ over a new leaf this year, he is working much harder.

A flipped B tossed C turned D crossed

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