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A Raisin in the Sun: Unit Exam
Directions: Using a number two pencil, fill in the letter with the best answer.
I. MATCHING: Match each character with the proper description. One will be left over.

  1. Beneatha a. man whose death brings the Youngers $10,000

  2. Ruth b. thinks women only need to be pretty & sophisticated

  3. Travis c. a messenger of bad news

  4. Walter Lee d. runs off with $6500

  5. Walter e. represents pride in African heritage

  6. Joseph Asagai ab. is becoming a “settled” woman

  7. George Murchison ac. wants to earn money carrying groceries

  8. Karl Lindner ad. makes the Youngers a humiliating offer

  9. Bobo ae. a chauffeur who dreams of owning his own store

  10. Willy Harris bc. dreams of becoming a doctor

bd. currently owns a liquor store

II. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Mark the letter of the best answer.

  1. From where does A Raisin in the Sun get its name?

a. a poem by Countee Cullen b. an elegy by John Donne

c. a poem by Langston Hughes d. a song by Duke Ellington

  1. What is the subject matter of the answer to number 11 above?

a. Mystic music b. Dreams deferred

c. Living with love d. Timely travel

  1. Where does A Raisin in the Sun take place?

a. Detroit b. Philadelphia

c. New York City d. Chicago

  1. Mama slaps Beneatha because Beneatha

a. denies that God exists b. calls Walter a “flip”

c. doesn’t listen to what Mama says d. wants to marry George Murchison

  1. How could you describe Ruth and Walter’s relationship at the beginning of the play?

a. lighthearted and full of love b. tense; they’re easily frustrated by each other

c. full of pity for one another d. easy going; they joke with each other

  1. What does Travis receive from his father before leaving for school?

a. a sack lunch b. a new book

c. money d. scrambled eggs

  1. How could you describe Walter and Beneatha’s relationship?

a. full of respect b. loving and caring

c. combative; they often argue/bicker d. full of compassion

  1. According to Ruth, why should Beneatha want to be with George?

a. he is well-educated b. he is understanding

c. he is caring d. he has money

  1. According to George Murchison, the heritage of black Americans

  1. is not that different from white Americans’ heritage

  2. is nothing more than a bunch of spirituals and some grass huts

  3. really began with the civil rights movement

  4. is deeply rooted in Africa’s rich cultural history

  1. How does Mama act when the check comes?

  1. She kisses the check and holds it to her heart.

  2. She hands it to Travis and tells him about their new future.

  3. She tells Ruth to put it away.

  4. She goes to find Walter and gives it to him.

  1. How does Ruth react when she realizes Mama may use some of the money for a house?

a. She is extremely excited. b. She is disappointed.

c. She doesn’t have an opinion. d. She is angry.

  1. What is Mama’s motive for buying a house in the all-white community of Clybourne Park?

  1. She wants to obtain the best home for the least amount of money.

  2. She wants to integrate the neighborhood.

  3. She wants to prove she is the head of the family.

  4. She wants to prove that she is not an old-fashioned black woman.

  1. How does Mama symbolically make Walter the head of the household?

  1. She tells him to sign the deed to the house.

  2. She gives him “control” over the money.

  3. She asks him to hold her plant.

  4. She lets him buy the liquor store.

  1. How does Walter first respond to Mr. Lindner’s proposal about the house?

  1. Walter says he will consider the offer.

  2. Walter threatens to punch him in the mouth.

  3. Walter accepts the offer.

  4. Walter orders him out of the house.

  1. What gifts do Walter, Ruth, and Travis present Mama with?

a. new pots and pans b. new towels for their private bathroom

c. new pottery d. gardening tools and a huge gardening hat

  1. What does Mama’s old plant symbolize?

a. hope for the future b. frustration with ghetto life

c. despair d. preoccupation with the past

  1. What is Mama’s immediate reaction to the news of the loss of the money?

a. She sobs hysterically. b. She begins unpacking.

c. She goes into a trance-like state. d. She hits Walter.

  1. What is the climax of the play?

  1. Mama puts a down payment on the house.

  2. Walter turns down Lindner’s offer.

  3. Ruth finds out she’s pregnant.

  4. Beneatha decides to move to Africa.

  1. All of the following are conflicts in the play except:

  1. Walter and Beneatha disagree on how the money should be spent.

  2. Walter wants to leave when he gets frustrated and Mama tries to stop him.

  3. Asagai and Murchison argue over Beneatha.

  4. Ruth and Walter disagree on whether or not Travis can have money for school.

30. All of the following are themes in the play except:

a. the real meaning of money b. the quest for the American dream

c. looking for love d. the search for identity

  1. QUOTE IDENTIFICATION: Mark the letter of the person who spoke the following quotes. You may use a name more than once or not at all.

A. Walter B. Mama C. Ruth D. Travis

E. Asagai AB. Beneatha AC. George AD. Lindner

  1. “I ain’t never stop trusting you. Like I ain’t never stop loving you.”

  2. “You read books to learn facts…. It’s got nothing to do with thoughts.”

  3. “I tell you, I am a man—and I think my wife should wear some pearls!”

  4. “I don’t flit! I—I experiment with different forms of expression.”

  5. “What do you think you are going to gain by moving into a neighborhood where you just aren’t wanted….”

  6. “…[Walter] needs something—something I can’t give him anymore.”

  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Mark A for TRUE or B for FALSE

  1. Beneatha wants Mama to use all of the insurance money to finance her education.

  2. Walter believes a wife should support her husband’s dream.

  3. George Murchison respects Walter’s dream.

  4. Joseph Asagai believes that black Americans should assimilate into the dominant American culture.

  5. Walter is excited when he learns that Ruth is expecting a baby.

  6. Mr. Lindner represents the Clybourne Park Welcoming Committee.

  7. Beneatha thinks George Murchison is a fool.

  8. The Youngers are honored that Mr. Lindner wanted to make them an offer.

  9. Mama says there’s always something left to love in a person.

  10. Mama makes the finals decision that the family will move.

  11. Asagai is from Nigeria.

  12. Walter’s character is very static; that is, he does not change much throughout the play.

  13. Walter admits to Ruth that he doesn’t know how to become close to her.

  14. Ruth becomes frantic and upset when Mama talks about canceling the move.

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