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PART 44 - September 11, 2012
PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we are grateful to have this opportunity to meet with our teams tonight, and as we prepare our minds to receive the leadings from our helpers, we also wish to take a few moments in remembrance for our brothers and sisters who gave their lives on this day, September 11, 2001.  We thank you for infusing their loved ones with your peace, your love and forgiveness; that all of these wounds may be healed, and that this day may be used as a catalyst for more peace to prevail on this Urantian consciousness.  We are grateful for all the help you provide us to help us during these times of change that you will may be done.  Thank you.
WELMEK:  Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters. This is your friend and teacher Welmek.  Tonight in addition to providing you an opportunity to receive from your helping teams, I invite you to come forward with any questions you may have about this process of receiving from us.  As more circuits are connected into this fabric of Urantian consciousness from the higher realms, you will notice in your own, perhaps you might call it, thought processing an energy that may seem to throw you a little off balance for a time.  There are many attenuations to these circuits that you must under go, and your bodies are being finely attuned to these circuits of light.  But it does take time, and it does require your patience so that you can stay on course in the midst of change, and you can stay steady in the midst of these changes as well. 
Let us now begin as we usually do setting our gaze upon Paradise as we worship our Father; to set the receptivity of your minds to receive from your helpers.  After you have thus engaged in worship and begin to perceive the Father’s love within you, turn you gaze towards your teachers and helpers and let them reach down to you, and share with you what will be helpful to your spiritual development.  Let us begin.
Creator Father, we come to you as your little children on our eternal adventure, and we thank you for making this journey possible.  We share our hearts with you in love and appreciation that we may continue to do your will and manifest your creative plan throughout the universe. Thank you.  (Pause)
In a few moments we will shift our focus to sharing, or questions that I may answer for you.  Take this time to conclude receiving from your teams.  (Pause) 
Feel free to come forward now with your questions that you may wish to have addressed, or any comments from what you have received from your helpers or any impressions that you may have experienced from them. 
Caller:  Welmek, this is S.  I believe that I received something to share with the group this afternoon.  I pray that it is appropriate and acceptable, and that it will bless some hearts as it did mine.
“In the process of our human evolution, we were supposed to evolve spiritually as well as physically and mentally.  At certain times of our development from an animal state, to a being of duality--flesh and spirit, the spirit of God provided a physical and spiritual up-stepping or a jump forward in our evolution.  There are now, new and stronger spiritual energies being rained down on us from heaven to help us in a spiritual up-stepping of our being, in an unprecedented manner, if you will, of our awareness of being able to communicate with beings in the mid-spiritual and spiritual worlds of heaven.
This communication is not just a hopeful prayer on our part, but we are now receiving communications back from them that is helping to illuminate our understanding of the depth, height, and breadth of the love our  Heavenly Creator Father as well as the untold , unfathomable numbers of created celestial beings who wish us well. 
Indeed, it is there job, their mission—their purpose of being--to love and assist us in our progress towards our eventual home in Paradise with them.  They are accomplishing this, not only by communicating with us, but with these spiritual energies that can penetrate to our consciousness--our minds, our hearts to inspire us to open ourselves to become more aware of our Creator’s love for us and to His call to accept Him as our loving Creator Father. He wants for us to WANT to be in communication with Him, and to become more like Him, and to manifest His qualities of:  Love, Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing, Joy, Bliss and Perfection. 
You have only to say YES! This is what I want to do in my life. And not only here, but in all the worlds to come that we will have access to as we progress in our journey to become more like Him.  As He said, “Be ye perfect, even as I am perfect.”  We will have opportunities to help others on the same path, as we are now being helped and assisted on our path to becoming more like Him so that one day we will join Him in Paradise.  When we become loving and kind and helpful to our fellow beings here, we are actually practicing for our spiritual careers in eternity.”
And then I felt I heard, “Does this give you hope, my dear one?”  And I said, “Oh yes!  Oh yes!” Thank you.
Welmek:  Thank you for sharing such a rich message with us this evening, my sister.   This is indeed a very full message, not only full of ideas for you to truly embody, but food for the soul--to nourish that part of your internal being that, as you noted, gives you that sense of hope--a deep, deeper impression of hope, I would daresay, that you can continue to open and expand what is being shared with you.  So, as these words and energies carried within them continue to feed your being, I encourage you to revisit this message time and again, that you may truly keep it close to your heart each and every day, and know the truth of the words alive in your soul.  Thank you.
Caller:  Thank you Welmek for creating this space to share.
Welmek:  Are there any questions I may address for you this evening? 
Caller:  Welmek, this is G.  I was wondering:  that these circuits are being opened now are any of those related to helping us to become homo-spiritus?  Is that part of those circuits also? 
Welmek:  My dear brother, Michael’s plan of correction is involved with helping you all achieve higher states of spiritual receptivity.  This term “homo-spiritus” is designed to whet your appetite—to stimulate the spiritual hunger within you so that you will more generally put your focus upon your spiritual path more consistently on a daily basis.  As you do this you are invoking a frequency of LOVE that translates into many forms to upstep you—to add more spiritual substance to your being thereby helping you to become more spiritually attuned to the Father’s will. 
So, to briefly answer your question, the answer is yes.  But you must look more deeply into what this term truly means.  It is still an evolving process, albeit it is something that you can start here on this physical dimension.  So I hope this answers your question, but there is more to be conveyed to you about this term at a later date when you have time to go into the Father and inquire within as to what this may truly encompass.  Does this help, my brother?
Caller:  Oh yes it does.  It does, Welmek.   It does help very much, thank you. 
Caller:   Welmek, may I share a message?  This is J from Massachusetts. (By all means)   OK, I just received this during the prayer to the Father.  “We are here with you now.  This is a perfect opportunity to inform you that there will be changes coming, more than this we will not say.  But be assured, you will be informed as needed.  There is much love coming to your world.  This love takes many forms and energies, but all you need to know right now, is that all will be well!  All will always be well if you are open to the Father’s love, for that opening is your entrance to a gifts far greater than you can imagine.  We will be here for you whenever you need us.  We will go now.”   There it is.  It’s wonderful to receive. 
Welmek:  These messages are meant to encourage you, all of you to be in that place of child-like faith.  You do not know what the future will bring to you.  These forums are designed to help you expand your capacity for higher information, and to experience being in that place of safety, trust, and peace that sustains your well-being.  You are growing in your capacity to receive information and these accompanying spiritual energies of safety, trust and peace.  This is designed to deepen your faith.  When the time is upon you and things change—your world alters--you are steady and secure in your Father Michael, and you have that inner wellspring, assuring you that all is well.  My brother, I encourage you to let this message this evening resonate deeply upon your soul and serve that reminder that all things are in the Father’s hands. 
May you all grow in His peace and stay steady and focused in His love.  Are there any other comments or questions before we conclude?
Caller:  Hello, Welmek.  This is G in Texas.  I had a brief message, very brief.  It went as follows: “Selfless service is the key to advancement.  Mastery results from perfect servitude.” That was it. 
Welmek:  My brother, you have received a very brief but very insightful message.  It is not so important that a message be large—full of information, but the quality or depth of truth therein.  As you revisit this message, let its depth of meaning go deep into your being that it leaves that indelible mark upon your soul; that you may use the times of your life to truly manifest its meaning in various ways throughout your life.  This message will take you places that will surprise you should you continue to open yourself to its depth and breadth.  Know that all things are possible in the Father’s will when you are aligned in this idea of selfless service.   Thank you for sharing this with us tonight, my brother.  It is a timeless message indeed.  (Thank you.)
My dear brothers and sisters, we do so appreciate the trust that you demonstrate by coming into these forums to receive from us.  You are growing in your own inner validation of these experiences—the expansive nature of the Father’s creative plan and how much love there is to be shared and experienced together.  As the windows of opportunity during this Correcting
Time open more and more to you for this selfless service, let this desire light that fire in your heart to be about the Father’s business in new and creative ways.  For it is all a glorious adventure this eternal career, I assure you, and none as interesting as this time upon Urantia as your world takes her rightful place in Michael’s beautiful universe.  I wish you joy in that adventure, my brothers and sisters.  Good evening. 

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