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What Angles Measure
Measuring History simply applies proportions we use intuitively. Every month we see First, Last, Full and New Moons; every season we see (or at least know of) four seasons, the start of which we mark at the equinox or solstice. Though other angles prove important, the ones that correlate to the examples above offer valauble insight in terms easily grasped.

Each one of the “landmarks” listed above come as part of a whole. A lunar phase makes up a lunar cycle that begins and ends at each New Moon. Each season or year has four quarters, whether divided naturally or by calendar. Geometrically speaking the start of each phase and season appear relative to another at the same angles and describing the same relationship to the whole. A circle of 360º includes four equal arcs of 90º each. Each arc describes the span between each quarterly marker, whether soltisce, equinox, beginning of season or moon phase. Though not the only ones, the quadurate alignments define the foundation of Measuring History.
Each quadrate alignment describes or implies a process. A Full Moon implies the First Quarter Moon that came before, the Last Quarter Moon that comes after and all the other moon shapes that appear in each lunar cycle. By calling it a Full Moon in Scorpio, we identify it as Full Moon that began when the Sun traveled in Taurus, helping us distinguish from the Full Moon’s that appeared in other signs. This tells us why the quadurate alignments make such measuring devices: one, they appear at regular, easily defined intervals; second, each alignment describes or implies a period of process or development. This first quality appears as part of any measurement system. Take it as a given. Unlike an inch or millimeter, a quadrate alignment implies all sorts of connections at once. The summer solstice appears exactly between the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes and in direct contrast to the Winter Solstice, its opposite.

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