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By Kevin

There are many forms of transportation but one of the most interesting and fascinating forms is flight. Over 18 million planes fly everymacintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres-5.jpg year, and over 3 billion people fly on planes every year. Planes have engines that power the plane. Planes always improve during any time of the year. Who knows what will be on the list for plane technology.

What are planes?

Planes can do many things like transport mail, shipments and people. They are separated into first class, business class and macintosh es:users:student:desktop:images-1.jpg macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres.jpgeconomy class. Long ago people thought planes could be like birds flapping. But when they designed it and flew it, it crashed. So they made planes like they are today. The first planes were made by the Wright brothers (read more on history of planes or Google). Planes use engines with turbines in them (read more on how do planes work or Google).

The History of planes.

Different people made the first planes, but one of the first were the Wright brothers. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright made the first motor plane.macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres.jpg Their first flight was 12 seconds and it flew 37 meters. It was made with spruce planks for stables the body etc. and cloth as wings. The brothers had four tests with different models. Some of the models failed and some were uncontrollable. As humans in improved in flight technology, planes become what they are today. So don’t ride a train, ride a plane.

How do planes work?

Planes fly because there have engines and flaps. macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres-1.jpgmacintosh es:users:student:desktop:images.jpgPlanes fly because there are engines/propellers that propel the plane upward and forward. Planes have flaps that move the plane up and down, right and left. The elevator is located at the back of the plane when the flap flaps down it faces up. When the elevator flaps up it faces down. Another one is called aileron and when it goes up it causes the plane to go up. When it goes down the plane goes down with it. Plane goes forward because the engines push the plane forward. The engines work because there is a tube with a turbine that sucks the air in from the front and then the air that pushed the plane forward comes out the back. The turbine is powered by fuel/oil.

Airbus and Boeing mostly make the different types of planes. The two biggest planes from each company are the Boeing 747-800 from Boeing, and Airbus a380 from Airbus. These planes are both double-decked planes, but the Airbus a380 is bigger because the second layer is the same as the bottom. There are many other models from the companies like 777-200 and 777-300 also the a350. Many airlines use Boeing and Airbus but there are many other companies making planes. For long range flights like from Shanghai (PVG Shanghai Pudong airport) to New York (EWR Newark liberty airport)(14 hours) would use 777-200, macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres-2.jpg 747-8 or Airbus a380. For short-range planes like from Chicago (ORD O’Hare airport) to Minnesota (MSP Minneapolis St. Paul airport) you would use a macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres-3.jpg737-900 or a320.

Planes today.

Modern day planes are full of advanced technology like TV systems and seats that recline 180˚. There are many different plane TV systems like Emirates inflight entertainment and Etihad’s E-box.

Today’s planes are very fast they can fly up to 634 mph (900km/h). These days’ planes are just as dangerous as they were when they were invented because they can crash. Like the crash of mh370 which made more than 300 people missing, or the flight ge235 trans Asia, which killed 43 people 5 crewmembers, and there were 15 survivors. There are also many possibilities of being hijacked like the September 11, 2001 attack.macintosh es:users:student:desktop:imgres-4.jpg More than 3000 people died from all over the world.


Transportation- a way of getting some where.

Entertainment- TV shows of a show

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