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Mahalia Harris

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April 23, 2008
Lesson 47 B

The American plains Indians are among the best known of all Native Americans. These Indians played a significant significant role in shaping the history of the west. Some of the more noteworthy Plains Indians were big Foot, Black Kettle, Crazy Horses, Red Cloud Sitting Bull, and Spotted Tail.

Big Foot
Big Foot (? 1825-1890) was also known as Spotted Elk. Born in the northern Great Plains, he eventually became Minneconjou Teton Sioux chief. He was part of a tribal delegate ion that traveled to Washington, D.C., and worked to established schools throughout the Sioux Territory. He was one of those massacred at Wounded Knee in December 1890. (Bowman, 1995, 63)
Black kettle
Black kettle (? 1803-1868) was born near the Black Hills in present-day South Dakota. He was recognized as a Southern Cheyenne peace chief for his efforts to bring peace to the region. However, his attempts at accommodation were not successful and his band was massacred at Sand Creek in 1864. Even though he continued to seek peace, he was killed with the reminder of his tribe in the Washington Valley of Oklahoma in 1868. (Bowman, 1995, 67)
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse (? 1842-1877) was also born near the Black Hills. His father was a medicine man# his mother was # the sister of spotted Tail. He was

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