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Part of a general value that is an aesthetic

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Part of a general value that is an aesthetic.
Lauren: Actions no longer attached to body.

Opens up question of whether reputation will be attached to you, have multiple reputations.

Do we value more the ability to be silly in college - or the opportunity to value of who somebody is over who they have been over time.
Q: About previous slide. What will be valued? or what will be valuable?

If material things become abundant.

Q: Value in the sense of scarcity and economic exchange.

Economic value. Right. Money as a proxy for those things.

Not what people will value in a more spiritual sense.
L: Can add power.
I like to think people think of power as a means. Some think of it as an end.

that is a \"spiritual\" value.
IP, first thing on list.

Once mfg goods are not scarce, they will want a system to control digital files.

DRM - Digital Rights Management (aka Digital Restriction Management by critics)

Can be sold without allowing multiple copies.

Trusted Computing

both light and dark sides. May make system trusted not only by you but by Microsoft.

Obeys you or betrays you.

If someone infringes movie copyright 3 times, person can get kicked off the internet.

Later generations would think of getting kicked off the internet like not being allowed to walk down the street -- pretty severe.
We've seen effort, basically, for tiny Hollywood to control vast SiliconValley.

$$$ value of entertainment is small relative to computer industry.

Yet, they say computers should be architected to our standards.

\"Change your technology to protect our old industry.\"

Clatyon [ref]

They think of anything. We can't let design of new technologies controlled by old industries.

You will see other tech that haave various forces, stak holders, that are oushing the alw, force these people to change their tech so that it will not iunerupt our industry, I understand, people who have been faced with these technologies I sympathize, but the reality we cannot allow our tech to be influenced by old industries


Not all patents are wrong.

Hardware and software are the same.

Explosion - immense number. Many not good for society.

Cause fo this explosion - immense number of problems to solve.

Problem was new. They were first. Answer not that hard.

On-click shopping. Amazon holds this patent.

Not a hard answer, the question was new.

Patent office said, \"Is this novel\" Yes.
One thing about patents that I think is important

We've seen in patents an explosion, many of them bad and not even good for society, what we see now are more tech for problems, the problems are new but the answers are easy, we should push patents to be new answers to old questions
New answers to hard questions. Those deserve patents.
Different answers to what do you do to get money for creative work when anyone can copy.
Government pays everyone to be creative. Canada.

Get over it - no business will get copyright protection.

Micropayments - paypal but at 1/10th of a cent. Most people honest.

Some say iTune story, 99 cent songs.
Microrefunds - all with money back guarantee. Default is to pay, exception/explicit act is to get refund.
Trust public to be good. Symbol \"I'm a good guy who pays for bands.\" Tip jars.

Shareware. Voluntary payment.

You can use it for free, but it asks you to pay to register.
Patronage - used to be way - Mozart of something - you got a patron who handed over a chunk of change. Give wealth of creative out? Another question.
Sell tie-ins. Movies - Star Wars/Return of the Jedi - picked up extra money.
Shakespeare in Love -

The producer at the globe theatre says, \"I don't know, it will work out, it's a mystery\"
Why do we care about protecting the stuff that people create?
Banning Genetic Discrimination

Henry T. Greely, J.D.

- life extension vs. \"necrophilia\" those who embrace death / after life
Think like a dinosaur [ref]


- slavery? Will we give rights to machines? Will they have possesions? Will/should we pause them?

Genero Sapiens - robot, perhaps cyborg

Homo Sapiens Effictus - clone
Is simulated water wet? Does chess computer simulate playing chess?
Dust [ref]
Will our tech betray us?

Will we build on tech that spies on us and invades our privacy
If you go to a priest who takes your confession, law says priest can't divuldge that info because if it wasn't private for priests, lawyers, doctors then they could not perform their job to the best of their abilities.

Why can't we have tech that does the same?
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9:00 - 10:00 am

MED CL4 Neuroscience Overview and Brain Scanning Technology

Chris deCharms


10:15 \u2013 11:15 am

MED CL5 Neuroprosthesis & Evolving Neuro-Technologies (Chris DeCharms)

11:30 \u2013 12:30 pm

MED CL3 Personalized Medicine and the Experimental Man (David Ewing Duncan)

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9:16 Keith: Medicine Track Day.

Couple of talks by DeCharms, then Duncan.

Personalized man.

Shorter lunch. 583C presentation by Balinski - world class animations.

Afternoon workshop of 8 different surgery, opthomology, critical care.

MS Skinput.

First two hours DeCharms.

Real time imaging of the brain. Book with Dali Lama.

Innovate work at Omneron?
Chris: Great to be here.

Talking about one of my favorite subject.

Who we are through the brain.

Movie - this is what it used to look like.

Take a space ship, inject it into the bloodstream. Science fiction.

Today, my colleague Peter - video of us actually entering his brain non-invasively.

Those are actual images.
Start out with real time imaging experiment in your own brain.

[exercise with closed eyes - opening is \"reboot\"]


Changes over your careers and our lifetimes.

I welcome questions as you have them. So many, we could spend all the time talking.

Ask burning questions, hold others.

What are the big questions of the brain,

we often hear about what we know.


Here are the open areas:

How do we choose the actions we take?

Just gave an exercise on consciousness.

How is that possible.

We're just at the cusp of having technologies to answer that for the first time.

We can make models.

We had to have a model of the past.

Where does that reside?

1000s of research papers on how you store the image of this room in your brain -- open topic.

How do we learn new skills? Still don't fundamentally know.

How is the brain laid out. Lot more information on that.

How do we use language in cognition. Despite tremendous progress, not solved.
How is it that we experience, touch, taste, smell.

When someone at cocktail party tells you about your reptile brain,

we don't understand how, when you open your eyes, ... this is beyond us.
Why do you spend 4-6-8 hours a day sleeping?

How do we make executive plans?
Key area for final talk - how are diseases mediated?

Everyone here has been touched.

1/3 to 1/2 of people in world

Nervous system has vulnerabilities.


When we can control mind/brain.

Imagine you could look inside your own brain and control love, free will ....

These exist in technology.

Reach in, 10 years from now, and fundmentally tune.

That is the promise of neurotechnology

I'm going to talk later on about changing the brain fundamentally.

Conversation about uploading brain to other systems.

We'll be living in our natural brains,

having our own subjective experience.

What technology and learning can help us to improve and regulate this system that creates who we are.

If we could do that, think of the diseases we could control


- Single Trial Learning: Forever Changed [black spots - looks like it has dog in it, sort of]

For those who have not seen this before

Studies with this particular image, decades later, you are going to see this dog.

Reason I point this out - your nervous system is fundamentally a sponge.

A change you can absorb immediately.


Another definition of what the singularity is.


What we call the Mind / What we call the Brain

Experience = Neurophysiology

Psychophysics Brain Science

Tools are trying to find the transfer relations between these two worlds.

How functions of brain ARE the mind.

Underpins what the Singularity is. Bridging gap between mind and experience and physically embodied world.
- Consciousness doesn't have a place in the brain

No local lession can take out consciousness.

Others can take out vision, or hearing

Much more complex than that.

One of the things happening in brain - new vista for cartography.

Mass of wires, connections, different from one to the next.

Fortunately, not how the system works.

Cartography - we now know what parts are involved in executive choices.

Still wide stretches - terra incognita - we are trying to understand.
Size of a large grapefruit. Hunk of meat. 2% of body mass. 20% of body's energy.

Holding one in your hand, it is amazing to think they held someone's entire life.
- Brain organization

Map to physical systems

- 2

Vision in the back.

Language happens here. Flipped left/right depending on handedness.

Touch happens on the top center of the brain

- Brain: Receptive Language

So let's go through some examples:

As Groucho Marx showed:

Time flies like an arrow.

Fruit flies like a banana.


She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Fortunate, because the brain is mapped, we have a chance of understanding it.

Great individual differences, but similar structures.

- basis of perception

This is our I/O system

when i reach out and touch something

1000s and millions of receptors - particularly in my fingers which have receptive fields.

Signal goes up arm into cortex.

Pay attention, if you bang foot hard. You see it happen immediately and say, \"This is going to hurt.\"

It takes about a second or two then you get wave, \"Wow, this really does hurt.\"

Conduction delay of this wire.

Some are fast. Later - the ones that make you go \"Uuuugh\"

So watch next time you bang your foot.

Reason you go \"Oh man\" when you bang your thumb - [you shake your hand] - the movement sense overwhelms the pain signal. That's why you do it.
- sensory maps

Where signals come from. Mapped out based on way we were evolved to be in relation to the ground.

The so-called sensory humunculis?

On map of US. Same physical relationship

spatial isometry

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