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Part 1 Organized:

THE CHALLENGE: The Global Waste Context

-80 percent of the world's people and 40 % of the world's livestock live in developing countries

-50% + live of people live in cities

-1/3 of world urban population lives below poverty: $2/day
Types of wastes

-Waste: Anything discarded (non air and non liquid)

-By-products: material that can be re-utilized from the source - never enters waste cycle

-Governements tend to define waste as anything that is discarded (ie put out for collection).

-Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): institutional commercial, residential, small - scale industrial wates - only about 20% of the total waste

Other wastes that require management - medical, livestock, large-scal industrial, construction/demolition debris, ashes...
MSW Contribution

-Developed countries (HIGH INCOME): 1.0Bb, 1.4 mm tonnes/day, 1.4kg/capita/day

-Developing countries (MIDDLE INCOME): 3.0BB, 2.4mm tonnes/day, 0.8kg capita/day

-Developing countries (LOW INCOME): 2.4 BB, 1.4mm tonnes/day, 0.6kg capita/day
MSW Service

-Developed countries (HIGH INCOME): collection 100%, sanitary landfill 50%, recycling 50%

-Developing countries (MIDDLE INCOME): collection 60%, sanitary landfill 30%, recycling 20%

-Developing countries (LOW INCOME): collection 40%, sanitary landfill 5%, recycling 30%

*low income countries recycle because they have to

-40 years ago there was virtually no safe disposal. Streams and oceans were clogged. Now all disposal is considered safe.
Meeting the Challenge (The Opportunity):

Hoping to inspire us to have a balanced life: quiet our thoughts, not be analytical, be in the moment.

Policies define our dreams; regulations set minimum standards [one might add, they frame what counts as a problem, and what counts as something we feel we simply have to put up with]

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