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Part is the brain.

Orignially thought of it as a book about the brain.

When does a brain become a mind.

I also talk a lot about the brain.

Intelligence is a distinct from consciousness.

Create intelligence that is faster, has access to itself, get that bootstrapping going.

That is an articulation of the Singularity.

Intelligence -

G N R (Robotics / AI is most powerful)

Singularity is Near only had chapter 4 on brain.

Tremendous progress.
: About why some people are threatened?
Ray: Why some people readily accept ...
: People threatened by assumption - not special, but something to tinker with.
Ray: But man/woman are special because we transcended our
: There is a specific type of special. Divine.
Ray: History of science has thrown people off their pedestal.

Decended from worms.

Not the center of universe.

Science has been working for 100s of years.

There is something special about humanity - we extended our reach with our tools.

Some primates can fashion tool to a degree. Did not start evolutionary process of toolmaking.

Fashioned one stick. That's as far as they got.

Neocortex - we went beyond threshold. Could create who evolutionary progress of technology.

This actually works well.
David R: Singularity seems to eclipse current space plans.
Ray: Space is important just as science is important. Lots of technology to go out in space.

More a fan of robotic exploration.


I think it does spark people's imagination. Go beyond our planet. What animal has done that? [bacteria?]

We have plenty of resources here.

No need to go out for resources.

Will go out, ultimately, to find more resources for computation. In about 100 years.

That's when we spread out. Examination of that in tomorrow's movie.

Can we transcend the speed of light = wormholes. Shortcuts through other dimensions to get to

far away place. Appear to be consistent with current cosmology.
We can see stars moving away from each other faster than speed of light today.

Expansion of space time.

Maybe you can expand space time.

5-6 conjectures. We'll be so intelligent - we can spread to rest of universe very quickly.

In either case, transcending through the universe is our destiny. True goal for next century.
: Peter said, Numenta announced [about to announce] they may have solved how neocortex works.

Steve: Jeff just told us in a meeting. Would not say what breakthrough was.
Ray: Hawking paper. There is a module.

What he put in paper - more realistic.

Numenta's work is quite intriguing.
Bill/US: To question of why some people agree and diagree with main thesis.

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