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part 1: Systems Thinking, Chris Lewicki

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part 1: Systems Thinking, Chris Lewicki

Systems Architecture:

Idea \u2013 Definition \u2013 Details \u2013 Connect \u2013 Testing \u2013 Assessing Risk \u2013 Launch -Support
Lessons Learned

*Grand challenges Panels \u2013 What and Why? Failures

* Issues, root causes of challenges

* Biggest challenges

* Failures

* Successes

*Describes \u201cWhat\u201d the objectives of a target

* Communicates \u201cHow\u201d details of what must be done

* Identifies \u201cWhen\u201d \ you know when it\u2019s done.


e.g. 1. NASA Phoenix Mars Mission:

Level 0. Mission Statement

\u201cFollow the water\u201d

Study the history of water in all its phases

Determine if the Maritan arctic soil could support life

Study Martian weather from a polar perspective.
Level 1 Full Mission Success Criteria

Land successfully on the surface of Mars\u2026

Acquire a panorama of the site\u2026

Obtained calibrated \u2026
e.g. 2. Singularity University:

Level 0. Mission Statement

\"Assemble, educated and inspire a cadre of leaders\u2026.\"
Level 1 Full Mission Success Criteria

Faculty, campus, students, define level 0, curriculum, $

Assemble, Educate, Inspire.

Develop exponentially advancing technologies

Addressing humanity\u2019s grand challenges

part 2: Overview of research resources for the team projects, Kathryn Myronuk & Eric Dahlstrom

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