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Partnerships with building suppliers

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Partnerships with building suppliers.

Integrate into IP

Turn on/off ports. Lights, OK. What about PCs?

When you start replicating.
Sasha: How about devices not previously connected?
Partnering with people doing translations. We build mediator systems.

Speak to lighting system that can speak from the SCADA system (Smart Grid).

Reach common IP platform.
Sasha: How are information networks handling that?
Early days. Just at the beginning of the iceberg of that.

Customers managing access points, phones. Just putting the policies in.

Over time, with right analytical data - see more up take.

Now it is trial and error.

One place shut down all the phones - but needed a way to call 911.

Not as pervasive as we'd like it to be.
Service virtualization. Not pre-provisioned.

Say you are a service provider, working with a bunch of stores.

Looking for internet access.

Download over the net. Modular. 3 months later store says, I actually want a phone system.

Used to need truck roll to install.

Now they can download, service on demand.

Uninstall - any power draw goes away.
- Cost Savings

ROI calculator

We are not here to sell you this.

It comes for free with what you have bought from us already.

What you can save if you turn it on.

They say, \"wow, thought we'd have to do a capex outlay - but realizing savings just by turning it on.\"

Sometimes they don't know.
- Network Efficiency

Data centers - huge amounts of data to be collected and stored and analyzed.

e-mail saved for 7 years.

So, amount of storage maintained, hence data center buildout.

Anything we can do to reduce in Data Centers is good for the environment.

Challenge is, any given branch may not be a lot, but so many of them, starts to add up.
- Borderless Networks Innovations

Provide a holistic view.
JG: Vint Cerf - Clouds not talking
Public to public.

Private to private.

Challenge has been security - virtualized.

Who you are, your identity, your location can be communicated.


Virtualization of your compute space.

In a server, you can have virtual machines.

Traversing doesn't happen.

Wireless is issues.
cloud to cloud - lot of points of view.

CISCO perspective- will be 3/4 different implementations.

Everything being a public cloud is unrealistic.

As much focus on private as on public clouds.
Andrew: Typically I think of my router and IP phone.

Is this conceptual work or hardware you are doing?
CISCO's work was routers. Then switching. Since then, that's what they are known for.

Shifting, innovating in a lot of different areas.

Largest security vendor.

About 40% of the market.

We are building for smart grid and virtualization that will enable trust for clouds.

When you are worried about someone else getting your capabilities.

Expanded into wireless - wi-fi, wi-max.

Another piece was communications. Your phone.


Really changed to collaboration.

Microsoft does a lot of that. So do we.

A workspace that travels with you.

CISCO quad- contacts via voice, e-mail. All on one common platform.
Pack for work: iPhone, PC,

Please call my cell - surest way to connect
Make it easily transferrable.


How do we work with certain partners to make it better.

CISCO / CS a tablet going to come out.

An iPad is nice, but some of the interactions -

Apple is consumer oriented.

We looked at business communications -

pushing into virtualization.

Set off smart grid - Lora Ibsen

John Chambers, our CEO - building out communications network.
Andrew: Tie back to specifically what you are doing.
Marie: We are building the highway for the information exchange.
Andrew: Plug legacy transformers into system ...
Marie: Let's talk about existing deployment.
SCADA commands.

Create interface. Do translation from SCADA to IP.

Once it is on IP, can funnel it.
Sanket: 3 simple things:

Thought leadership - explaining the vision. Doing a lot with utilities

What are the business solutions.

What are infrastructure requirements.

What are specific technologies and how they come together.
Marie: Also a lobbying effort. Never underestimate.

US is so behind relative to Europe and Asia.

When Obama was investing so much, provided an injection point.

Like anything new, not without bumps.

PG&E - if outage it assumed. Bill 3x what they expected.

Creates setbacks.

Law passed, \"not interested\"

Fear on the part of some people.

Build capability -work in trials and pilots.

Like any new business, depends on quality.
Jose: CISCO - Sangdo City.

Alexis: Some of the most exciting on building side.

CISCO mediator project. Deployed in Bangalore. Smartest connected building.

HVAC, chillers, most exciting.

On commercial building side.
Marie: It is really impressive.

It senses you walked in the room.

Office changes the persona based on who you are coming into the room.

Gets people excited.

Specifically in terms of the grid.
On home energy management - how do you get there in a way that scales.

Drawer effect - cool for a week, then goes in the drawer.
Q: Interfaces between systems. People talk about the plumber. Advantage strategically.

Now looking at infrastructure, information, mobility - now in the direction of Google / FaceBook

Need toknow more about the customer.

Problem for you to move into that space - nobody cares about infrastructure.
Jose: Jan/Germany.
Marie: Guten tag. You are absolutely right. Evolution for CISCO.

Really wish our CEO would never have talked about it as plumbing. It is really complex.

But, you're right, it does mean better interfaces.

Not just the Google application.

Notice how many video cameras capturing you.

Every elevator.

Never realized how many video cams out there until I took on security.
Jose: We are recording you.
Marie: I'm just a hologram actually. Our latest technology.
Eric: You don't know, but we are you.
Marie: I think that is the challenge and opportunity. Information in so many silos.

We are connecting all that. We have access and knowledge of what is going on with all the pieces.
How do companies approach video?

Microsoft -encrypt at application level.

But, if you believe some is coming out - not clear priority.
Another example. Virtual desktops.

Part of the challenge becomes - they create a tunnel that goes to this device. Great if just data.

Real time video? That's when things break down.

Any real experience without considering the network is when things break down.
Sasha: Smart Grid- fight. Bum fight. Everyone is fighting for a seat at the table.

Whole point is that unlike the internet genesis, things under the radar - something could

be open, dispersed. Not open this time.
Marie: Not an accurate statement. Big protocol battles - AppleTalk, etc.

After awhile things steered to commonality.

Everyone bringing their work to the table. That's how it evolves in general.
Sasha: I was going all the way back to ARPANet.
Marie: That was from defense point of view. Built out with Universities.

Over time - became productized.

If just a government initiative - you can have exchanges.

Once businesses see money, they try to shape every which way.
Sasha: Who has the controlling hand?
Marie: Our strategy varies.

We are working with power manufacturers. Meter vendors.

We bring knowledge and capability found only in some other small start ups.

Not that many players - don't have scale or capability to influence this.

Everybody says, \"great idea\" but then 10-15 year implementation.

People looking to get rich quick.
Sanket: Very similar to internet.

2 years ago - wild, wild west. Very proprietary.

Been articulate - where Vint was going - internet capabilities, no vision for commercial leveraging.

Smart grid is how to leverage.

Not just betterment of mankind, but for gain.

Needs to be in open standards way.

IP is the best way to make that happen.

That has helped a lot to bring together an ecosystem.

We have partnerships in 5 key areas.

ABB has bought in.

They need to work with the likes of us.

Be controlled by systems.

Second, complementary - sensing available. Control mechanisms.

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