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Not about being competitive at world class schools.

Be part of grand challenges. To make meaning.
Borrowed from D School.

Great people, like you.

don't just have this depth, but have this great breadth.

Took general education requirements.

We are proud at Stanford that we teach lots of Humanities.

It is an attitude.

Want to hire T-Shaped people - better than just drill down
Change and Globalization

Opportunity Eval




Decision Making

Persuasion and Influence

Business basics.
- Characteristics of E





Kuemmerle \"A Test for the Fainthearted\" HBR 5/02

Make meaning and finish.

Guy Kawasaki.
Three ways:

Increase quality of life.

Not motivated by making money - make people more creative/productive.

We were waking up in the morning thinking of how to change people's lives.
Right a wrong.

Fix that. Pollution. Crime. Abuse. Core is to end the wrong.
Prevent the end of something good.
Think - over lunch.

How are the startups making meaning.

You were hinting at it when you pitched.

Models / Frameworks = how SV operates below the surface.

Put some perspective.

Really a pleasure. Can join you for lunch, stay to 1:30.
FM Rock station.

Used to play for a living.


SF fog.

DJ, also did the news.

If you don't like news, why don't you go make some of your own.
OK Thank you.

12:40 [applause]

David Rose: Tom and I around lunch.

PDF will be sent.

Have a great summer.



5 August 2010
David Brodwin

Brodwin and Associates

Framing and strategy consulting to sustainable businesses and nonprofits

Lakoff, political analyst
Framing \u2013 how it works

New event happens \u2013 people need ot form an opnion, who\u2019s fault, process of forming an opnion;
Katrina shows a failutre of government to plan, and to respond

Other narrative \u2013 have to take care of yourself
How we make decisions: gather info, decide, commit emotionally, act (old theory and not how the brain works)
Issues are too complex, people lack data, lack expertise, lack time
New view: (from psych/politics)

1)What\u2019s this like? ( people process metaphorically \u2013 how can I compare this from what I know)

2)Respond emotionally (do I like this or not)

3) Decide

4) Look for justification
Western ; psychologist

People of normal intelligence are blind to data when they are emotionally involved, studied what parts of brains are fired

First centers of brain that fire are those of fear and anxiety

Then what is searched for is long term memory

Then what is stimulated are sense of satisfaction
Brendan Nyhan
People in given false iformation but corrected, then people ignore it. Then people are even stronger

Opinions are not necessarily self correcting when passion is involved. Brain ability to filter out information is biased towards not change. Under extremes people do change.
Frame is a pre-structured unit of meaning that exists in our brains

Getting opnion frist formed is most important
Ne w event \u2013 binds oto pre-existing frame - leads to conclusion/action

Frame is not specific slogan or ad, it is the underlying package of meaning that is evoked by the above, leading to feelings, thoughts, and actions

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