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Nanomaterials, Andrew Minor:

Andrew: Nano materials are stronger.
Modeling the Human brain, William Risk (IBM):


- We would be able to simulate the human brain by 2020 based on super computing capability extrapulations

- Multidisiplinar approach: Neuroscience, Supercomputing, Nanatech

- Human brain: 2*10^8 Neurons, 2*10^14 Synapses

Colonizing the solar system, Pete Worden:


- NASA and Congress aint best buddies.. (underfunding, jobs for useless projects)

- Earth-Moon equilibrium and Earth-Sun equilibrium points are natural spots for space bases

- LEO launches will be outsourced to the private sector

- Methane emission from Mars might indicate the existence of Martian life forms

- Martian moon Phobos is a desired target for exploration: close to Mars, low radiation

- Solar colonization will soon be feasible

- Export-control (ITAR law) inhibits US's space tech
Astrobiology, Chris McKay:


- UV radiation on Mars is lethal in a matter of minutes

- If 2nd genesis of life accured on Mars, it might be ethiacl to preserv the life forms, even microscopic
Rocket equations and BS tests, Dan Barry


- 4 BS tests for rockets:


Delta-V depending on your start and end point

Liftoff thrust/weight ratio > 1,

Center mass should be above center of center of (Balance?)

Biotech that Matters: What's actionable? , Thomas Goetz:


- A 6yr traditional scientific Parkinson's research was repeated by a 1yr data mining project

Biotechnology's Darker Side, Rob Carlson:

Erez:- Naturally accruing photosynthetic sea-slugs can live of thcan live of sunlight

- Biofuel is currently more expensive than petrol

- new bazz: recombinant biology out, synthetic biology in

- Robot can eat biomass and energize over it

- Genetically Modified food is well accepted in US and will be come more accepted in EU

Life in the extreme: From undersea vents to asteroids and beyond:


- Temperature range of life: -18C - 121C

- Extremophiles - cells that can live in extreme conditions. might be useful for space

- Magnus Larsson creates sand structures fortified by genetically engineered bacteria

- Turtle shell is a good and strong building material

- Dropping spirolina bioreactors on the moon and mars as a future food source for people

Novel Neuromonitoring technology and computational biometrics, Philip Low:


- SPEARS algorithm analyze brain signal based on a signe channle

- iBrain is a home-based EEG

- Identical twins have identical brain waves: genes -> brain activity

- ECG sensors work well without skin contact (over shirt)

- Crowd-source brain wave by transmiting data over cellphones

- Company: Neurovirgin

Andrew Kogelnik, diagnostics:
Internet of Things, David Orban:

We must set robots free if we are to be free.
IBM Almaden Tour:

New technology will make storage devices much smaller and much faster.
Anticipating and Influencing the Future, Peter Bishop:


- You can't predict the future, you should anticipate it. You can't control the future, you can influence it.

- Disagrees with Ray Kurzweil. A disruptive event/tech is S-curve not a pure exponential. It reaches a new steady state.

- Pure exponential is the result of successive disruptive events

- Leaders are the people that takes society away from a lower maximum towards a higher maximum, which is not in a strait line (\"Creative destruction\")

- Prediction=one future, Forecast=several possible futures, foresight=combined (\"strategic foresight\")

- It is ok to make assumptions. The next step is to challenge the assumption and not just make it

- \"The most likely future isn't\"

- Techcast ( is a tech prediction site

- Google is starting a trading-desk based on their google-trends capabilities (and are hiring..). check out Hal Varian.

- The future wheel is a brain storming technique for forecasting future implications

- Finding the optimal extrapulation of the data: econometrics, basian netwrks, SAS.

- Impossible (0%) \x3c Possible \x3c Plausible \x3c Probable/likely (50%) \x3c Certain (100%)

- GBN is a common future casting technique
Life in the Universe - SETI, Seth Shostak:

When we find inteligent aliens the protocol is:

1. verify reading

2. notify the world

3. hold response until international discussion
Yossi Vardi:

The traits of the person you want to invest in:

- Top expert: How do you know? friends will know

- Kind personallity: In case it doesn't work (and usually it doesn't), at least you help him out

- Their freinds reflect on them
Vint Cerf:

- IPv6 is coming and will be deployed in parallel of IPv4

- IPN (InterPlanetary Network) is a network protocol for a satellite network

- Sensory BMI is coming (auditory, Visual, Spinal), but doesn't know about mental & memory

- Next big thing: network of cloud-computers
Willow's Garage:

- To create a state of the art privatly funded R&D facility you need:

1. Money invested with good will and patience for a long time before ROI

2. ROI is not nesecarily cash, could be impact on the world

3. Hire the best people

4. Have a clear focus on what the center is about. A bunch of smart ppl without direction can get lost

5. Open source, share with the academy and the world the results, loose IP if any

6. Set the standarts where there are none and build a body of widly useful knowledge for all



9am - 11:15pm


NT CL1 Intro to Nanotechnology


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