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4) Extra Credit: At least four optional extra credit assignments will be given during the semester. Each will be worth 25 points and may be used either as extra credit or to substitute for a missed exam. A student who

misses an exam and has not done extra credit will not be given any additional extra credit. Since extra credit

is used in many ways, it is each student’s responsibility to discuss with me how her/his extra credit will be

used. In no case is extra credit simply “added on” to a grade. It is used primarily to substitute for a missed

exam or to “boost” a grade at the end of the semester. In general, students will receive between 1/4 and 3/4 of the points received on an extra credit–rarely will a student receive the full points. Note that regardless of how many extra credit assignments are given, no student may do more than five assignments during the semester. Finally,any outside work, including extra credit, which is not handed in during the class in which it is due,must be dated and signed by either a secretary or faculty member to show that it was handed in on the due date, otherwise the work will be late and therefore unacceptable.


Each exam will count as 30% of the final grade; class participation and preparation will count as 10% of the final grade, although a grade may be jeopardized more severely in some cases (see “Class Work”). In addition, extra credit, absences, lateness and class behavior may affect the final grade, particularly in the case of “borderline”grades. Note that while being in class regularly and on time will not enhance a grade (these are minimum requirements for remaining in good standing in the course), failure to do so will result in a lower grade. Food and drinks may not be consumed during class time; nor may work for other classes or work due for this class be done during class time. In addition, students may not copy notes from a missed class during class time. And, all beepers, pagers and cell phones must be turned off during class. These and any other disruptive or inconsiderate behaviors may affect the grade and/or result in dismissal from the course. Also, no student may receive a “W” after Monday, April 9 (2951 & 6661); Tuesday, April 10 (2952). Finally, students are strongly encouraged to use a dictionary and to visit the Writing Center before handing in any out-of-class assignments. Some spelling and grammar errors (to be discussed in class) will affect the grade.

DUE DATES: (Students are responsible for keeping up with any changes announced in class.)

NO SCHOOL: Monday & Tuesday, Feb.19-20 (Day & Evening); ; April 2 - 6 (Spring Break)

EXAM I: Monday, Mar.12 (2951 & 6661); Tuesday, Mar. 13 (2952)

EXAM II: Monday, April 30 (2951 & 66661); Tuesday, May 1 (2952)

EXAM III: Monday, May 14 (2951 & 66661); Tuesday, May 15 (2952)

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