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1) Examinations: There will be three exams in the course, consisting of both objective (true/false) and essay

questions. The exams will be based on both the readings and the class discussions. In most cases, students

will have some choice in answering questions. Exams are not comprehensive; that is, each exam will contain only the topics assigned for that exam and will not refer back to material covered on prior exams. Absolutely no makeups are permitted. (See “Extra Credit.”)
2) Class Work: All students are expected to keep up with the readings on a daily basis and to contribute to the

class discussion. Students should expect to be called upon and graded regarding both the assigned readings

and the class discussions. Students who are unprepared for class will have their final grade lowered; severe

unpreparedness may result in failure or dismissal from the course. Further, students are responsible for ob-

taining any information and announcements given in class, even if absent. Preparedness means: 1)the student brings the book(s) to class daily; 2)the student volunteers to answer questions about the content of the reading material; 3)the student can answer questions without referring to the text or to notes. Finally, films, videos or guest speakers may take place during class time. Students are responsible for attending such events.
3) Attendance: Students are permitted two excused absences. Those who exceed this limit may be subject to a

decrease in their grade for the course, and in the case of excessive absences, students may be removed from

the course. Leaving class early or arriving late, without prior permission, may be regarded as an absence. Students who fail to sign in on attendance forms are presumed absent and may not sign in at a later time.

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