Pillar 1: Employability Anti-discrimination

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Pillar 1: Employability


The EMPLOYMENT Initiative has generated new forms of positive action to integrate groups facing discrimination into employment. Some 25 % of all ADAPT and EMPLOYMENT projects seek to promote equal opportunities and these are characterised by awareness-raising actions and different strategies to reduce discriminatory attitudes and behaviour. While there is a diversity of situations facing different groups that suffer from discrimination, there are also common characteristics and one of these is the negative image, which they have in the eyes of some members of the general public. To tackle discrimination, projects have to adopt a global, coherent strategy if this image is to be changed. Only a few EMPLOYMENT projects actually have a transversal strategy that simultaneously addresses the needs of various discriminated groups but, without any doubt, these are among the most effective. Such projects have also shown that tackling discrimination as a global and transversal phenomenon in no way impairs their ability to cater for the specific needs of particular target groups such as people with disabilities, migrants, refugees, ethnic minorities and other discriminated groups. A common feature is a careful tailoring of training and employment services to the special aspirations and needs of these groups. Some of these groups such as ethnic minority women can suffer from a double discrimination because of their race and gender. Strategies aimed at reducing gender-related discrimination are covered in more detail under Pillar IV (see the section on Desegregation of the Labour Market).

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