Photo c 1-2b Information provided by Jean Law

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Photo C 1-2b – Information provided by Jean Law

The young man in this photo is my father's half brother, Alvin "Wesley" Puckett (b. 26 May 1891-d. 31 Jan 1918).  He was the son of Bailey Thompkins Puckett (my grandfather) and Bailey's first wife, Mary Ann Wallace (who died when Wesley was very young).  Wesley died in Valdahon, Daubs, France in World War 1.  His body was brought home by his father and is buried at McKeel Cemetery, Cuba Landing, TN.


I only have one picture of Wesley.  He is wearing his uniform.  There is no mistaking him in the above photo.  His father listed him as "widowed" in the Tennessee Gold Star Boys application; however, I have not been able to find a marriage record.  I am wondering if perhaps the young lady next to him could be his wife. 

Photo C 2-88b – Information provided by Hughlett Lewis Morris

And I remember some of the Missouri's Morgan family. That is indeed Quincy and I bet that's his wife with him. She was Emmy Robertson. (Maybe her name was Emma. We called her Emmy.) I knew them when we all lived in Detroit in the early 40s.

Photo C 2-99a – Information provided by Hughlett Lewis Morris

Personal ID: My mother was Mary Lucy Morris Loftis, daughter of Martin Luther Morris and his second wife, Missouri Frances Morgan Mathis Morris. My birthplace was Big Rock, March 18, 1931. Mother and I left there when I was a boy. But I remember it and the people pretty well. I live now in Tucson.

Photo C 2-99a - That's clearly Jesse and I'm sure that's Ora. They are a handsome couple but a tragic one. She was a close friend of my aunt Lillian Pearl Mathis Francis. The story is/was that Ora was a pretty, sweet woman and Jesse loved her deeply. But she was shy, reclusive, and easily frightened even as a girl. Lillian went to see them when she could, especially after their baby Dorothy was born. On one of these occasions, she asked Lillian to go with her to look at an old well that had been partially covered. She seemed unusually fascinated by the well. They stood there for a while, Ora talking about the well and the people who had used it. Then she asked Lillian to hold her baby and before Lillian could stop her, she jumped in the well. Lillian went for help but it was too late to save her.
Photo C 3-168a – Information provided by Colleen Blane

Lillie Cobb married Willie C. Hargis. She is the grandmother of Colleen Blane.

Photo F 1-78a - Information provided by Lois Rundle, ggranddaughter of John & Mary Wallace.

The two children in this picture are Edwin Earl Wallace, born 1909, his sister, Helen, born 1913; grandchildren of John Lafayette and Mary Elizabeth. Their father was Desmond and Myrtle Wallace.

"Henry Huel (Tup) Wallace married Susan Manning in 1869.  They had Sam Adam 1870-1966, establishing another line.  Susan died and Tup married Lucy Edna Meredith.  Lucy was 24 or 25 and Tup was 69 at this time.   Lucy and Tup married in 1917.  Lucy had a son previously while married to Elbert Meredith.  His name is Charles and he was killed in the early 1940's while working on the muffler of a car.  Tup and Lucy had a daughter,  Pauline, in 1918."  This I copied from the Wallace booklet written by Robert Wallace, son of Desmond Wallace and Myrtle Dean Wallace.  She was the daughter of Samuel Lafayette Wallace who married Lydia Hargis.
Photo F 1-78a – Information provided by Mary French

John Lafayette Wallace and Elizabeth (Durham) Wallace.  They are my grandparents on my mothers side.

Photo F 1-111 - Information provided by James Neely.

Ref. Paul Ellis.  We have a many page history of the family of Ethel Laura Vaughan who married Paul Rogers Ellis after the death of her first husband,  Bernice Ross.  The information was compiled by a son of the first marriage, Dillard Ross.

Ref. Perry Ellis. At the moment I know that Perry was another son and not the same as Paul or Parker.  A list of Alpha's children which may not be in birth order is; Paul, Perry, Parker, Pearl, Cora and Julian.
Photo F 3-20 – Information provided by Ross Morgan

Clarence Harrison and Lilly Harrison Williams were cousins.

Photo F 3-42 – Information provided by Ruth Shelton

Mollie died in 1938 and was ill a few years before.

Thesdie died in 1938....reptured appendix.

Vadie died in Sept/1937 of cancer.

Photo F 3-167 – Information provided by Jim Long

Hattie was my great-grandmother. Her son WallaceRobertson, being held by his father Freeman in the photo, was my grandfather. Based on the ages of the youngest children in the photo, I

believe that it dates from my 1920 (my grandfather, Wallace Robertson, was born in December 1918, and Paul Stagner was born in 1919).
Photo F 6-29 - Information provided by Linda S. Hughes

This is the Richard Green Walker family of Big Rock, 1912.

There is a family dispute about the male standing on the far right.  One group believes it to be Richard McDaniel "Mack" Walker, son of Richard Green Walker.  Another group believes it to be Edwin McGinnis who married Daisy Jane Walker in Jan 1913.  Both men were the same age, born in 1894. 
Linda Hughes
Great-granddaughter of Richard Green Walker
Photo F km-24 – Information provided by Jim Long

George "Hay King" Wallace was known widely as a big seller of hay.

My great-grandmother Hattie used to tell me how she'd handle the money in

the operation as a small girl, because in her opinion, her other sisters

were too lazy! I have "Hay King's" day book, and he was doing a healthy

business back in the day.

Photo F 8-31 – Information provided by Jim Long

Here are the children of George & Tabitha Wallace in 1920, taken at their home on Hays Fork Creek.

Photo F km-87 – Information provided by Ruth Shelton

James" Jim" Spurlin Feltner ..............7/7/1886-12/29/09 --died age 23 of typhoid fever

Samuel Albert Feltner...................2/1/1888-

Joseph"Joe" Johnson Feltner......5/1/1890-

Effie L. Feltner.............................11/4/1891-11/15/1909- died age 18 of typhoid fever

Nevada"Vadie" Feltner Cobb....11/23/1893- 9/19/1937

Fred Douglas Feltner...................10/4/1895--9/3/1975

George Feltner.............................7/15/1899--6/26/1900--died at 11mos of a lung problem

My thinking is that they must have just buried little George.
Photo F km-135a - Information provided by Melissa Morgan

Milton and Mae were my grandparents.

Photo Ind 3-216b – Information provided by Linda S. Hughs

Robert Joseph Walker in front of the home of his father (Richard Green Walker)

Photo M 3-88 - Information provided by Robert Brandon.

Photo shows the original Farmers and Merchants Bank Building on left.  Picture taken in front of Ed Pugh House and to the rear of store.

Photo M km-105 - Information provided by Mary French

W. H. Ezell & Sons store.  My father is standing on the front porch.

Photo M km-107 – Information provided by Jim Long

This is the George Wallace home place on Hays Fork Creek, in the flood of 1937

Photo PC 1-182a – Information provided by Ruth Shelton

I believe the man in the back is _______ Crockett, he was a buggy driver for

Dr M.T. Ralls who was my grandmother's ( Mrs. Josh ( Minnie Ralls ) Wallace

father. Dr. Ralls died at age 42 and my grandmother/family took him in.

Photo PC 10-20a – Information provided by Linda S. Hughs

his is indeed Ellen Gibbs. The older woman is Mary Catherine Atkins Walker, Ellen Gibbs’ paternal grandmother (and my great-great grandmother). The children they are holding appear to be the same children as in F 6-29 -- Richard Gibbs and Elsie Louise Walker. Time: 1912.

Photo S 1-11 – Information provided by Anita Vaughan Curtis

I am Anita Vaughan Curtis, granddaughter of Hautie Gillum and

Charlie Lois Vaughan.
Photo S 3-68 – Information provided by Gary L. Mathis

The girl in the front row with the upside down hearts is my mother Loree Williams b1922.

Photo S 3-162 – Information provided by Linda S. Hughs

The two boys, James Solomon Walker and Charlie Walker are cousins of Mack and Robert.  If you know any Weatherfords in the area, it would be best to verify this with them.

Based on the fact that all these people were raised around Big Rock, I would surmise that this is Big Rock School.  The time frame would be approximately 1911 or 1912.
Photo S 3-162 Information provided by Cindy Walker Crow

I believe the two boys identified in this photo as James Solomon Walker(?) and Charlie Walker (?) might be James Solomon Weatherford (b 1892) and Charles Nathaniel Weatherford (b abt 1895)  - 1st cousins of the Walker boys in the top row of the photo.  According to my family tree, their father was Samuel Polk Weatherford and their grandfather was William Solomon Weatherford.

Richard Macdaniel "Mack" Walker (identified in the photograph) is my grandfather.  Eliza Ann Weatherford Walker was his mother (my great grandmother) and Aunt to these two boys.


Photo S km-186 – Information provided by Margaret Brandon Shelton (mother of Rebecca Shelton Ruff) of Tobaccoport, age 92 (2010), Gilbert Brandon’s sister, niece of Mary Elizabeth Brandon and William Curtis Roberts.

Photo YC 1-26a&b – Information provided by Jim Long

Children of Bird and Daisy Scott

Photo YC 2-41a – Information provided by Gayle Williams-McKibbon

A copy of this photo was found in the collection of Lottie Jewell Williams Lewis.  She stated one of the infants (not sure which one) is her brother, Raymond Williams, son of Monroe and Sula Wallace Williams.  One of the girls MIGHT BE Eva Askew Wallace.  Both Raymond and Eva were great grandchildren of Emerline Wallace Williams Page.

Raymond Williams were born 31 Dec 1905.
Photo YC 3-205b – Information provided by Ruth Shelton

The girl standing is Gertrude Carmel Wallace Feltner.......1910-1965

The child in the chair is Gertrude's younger sister, Ova Wallace Holem.

I am Ruth Feltner Shelton---daughter of Gertrude Wallace Feltner

Photo YC 6-18a&b – Information provided by Mary Ezell French

These are my brother, Russell Ezell and my sister, Kathlyn (Ezell) Wallace.

Photo YC 8-10b – Information provided by Jim Long

These are children of Estella Bibb Free Heyer, by her husbands Albert Free and George Heyer.  I would date the photo to 1913.


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