Philosophy of Joy

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Mateja Pevec Rozman, Ljubljana

Philosophy of Joy
Western civilisation is confronting with financial, social and moral crisis. In spite of the crisis, man of contemporary time is continuously losing himself in consumption. With accumulation of material things, that he believes will bring him happiness, he is digressing from himself and from the other. Contemporary economic and cultural situation is a challenge for us to answer the question that is old as a human being: what brings to us joy and happiness? Each human being is namely longing for a happy life. But what is the road to happy and good life, what brings us satisfaction?

With Aristotle I shall argue that the virtue is the key to happiness. Only a life that is in accordance with virtues and life that is liable to good can lead us to happiness. In the paper I shall also argue that the acceptance of pain is needed for a happy life. Happiness is also in reciprocal relationships; in sharing life, happiness and pain with another.

Wojciech Misztal, Cracow

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