Philosophy of History (History of Philosophy): Part II a set of Explorations of this Topic* Introduction

Historical Forms-of-Life within the Historical-Mode-of-Life

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4. Historical Forms-of-Life within the Historical-Mode-of-Life
History is the distance between acters and actors. (61)
Since we speculatively re-simulate and re-enact the historical, thence the historical is appreciated through this existential difference between acters and actors (as historians) re-simulating the former. (62)
Iterated patterns of phenomenological formation through re-iteration becoming historical in tenor. (63)
Those patterns can be treated as historical-forms-of-life (within the overall, open-ended historical mode-of-life). (64)
A pattern is a pattern through re-iteration. (65)
Their summation constituting the historical openness of the historical mode in its transcendental ideality, their simulated re-presentation representing their empirical reality, albeit in its transcendental ideality. (66)
The complex transformational flows between facts, their truth determinations, hermeneutical practices, ideological positioning/s and transcendental detachment, and consequent modifications therein and thereafter, allowing us to establish the nature of the relationships between historical-forms-of-life in their respective histories within the historical-mode-of-life. (67)
In effect, attempting to re-simulate existential descriptions of existential descriptors in their essential ideality through a process of refined re-simulation. (68)
Ideological inputs creating the historical perspectives in which these relevant essentials are to be nominated and thereafter denominated (through simulation/re-simulation). (69)
Thence our simulated/re-simulated ‘perception’ of the historical. (70)

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